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Abundance and Feng Shui
by Marlene LaVonne

Throughout history, humans have craved abundance and prosperity and are continuously looking for ways of increasing them. Abundance and prosperity can be a subjective issue but in our culture, they have come to be synonymous with money. Abundance to most of us also includes good health, happy and fulfilling relationships and possibly a career we enjoy.

In Spanish, there is a phrase that embodies abundance - Salud, dinero, alegria y tiempo para ensenarlos - or something like that. Roughly it means-health, wealth, happiness and the time to enjoy them. This is what Feng Shui is about. Increasing prosperity traditionally has been the primary reason people have studied and applied Feng Shui.

Professor Lin Yun brought Feng Shui with a western twist to America in the 1980's. This school teaches that our homes are a "map" reflecting our consciousness and all of its nooks and crannies that may hold the secrets of our lives. It is a "floor plan" so to speak, for our financial success or failure, our health and wellness, our loving relationships, etc., etc. This school's perspective focuses not only on the practical part of Feng Shui but incorporates the very important spiritual aspects as well. The thoughts of wealth and abundance are both generosity and open mindedness - a positive thing - used for good purposes.

The wealth and prosperity area of your home and office is located in the rear left section of the structure. Removing clutter and ensuring pathways are clear, as well as enhancing these living and working spaces are positive ways to increase the flow of "ch'i"

Ch'i (pronounced chee) is the word for energy or breath. Everything is animated by energy. Chi is the spark of life. It is essential to maintain physical, environmental and emotional balance. Feng Shui teaches us that the single most important consideration in any environment is how the chi is inhibited or enhanced. Chi is the energy that animates, connects and moves everything through life cycles. In Feng Shui we manipulate surroundings, so that the flow of environmental chi enhances and adjusts the human chi.

Chi can also be enhanced by repositioning furniture and possessions, with the use of light, live plants and animals and by using color. For instance, the colors red, purple and blue are important for attracting abundance and prosperity. Red represents fame in Feng Shui or "to be known". Blue represents enlightenment or "to know oneself". Purple is the most mystical color of all representing all that balances the inner and the outer being. Wealth has always been associated with the color purple. Purple, violet, amethyst and gold correspond to the highest energy vortex or the crown chakra of the body.

Auspicious opportunities are created by lively circulation of chi. Other methods of enhancing the wealth and prosperity area of your working or living environment is by using items that call in chi, such as flags and wind chimes. Placing valuable collections or possessions and by using water features such as fountains and waterfalls are also a positive way of symbolizing the flow of money and prosperity.

Feng Shui is yet another valuable tool we can use for understanding ourselves. It is a hands on practice that when properly applied can reveal and remove obstacles that stand in our way of achieving harmony and happiness. Feng Shui opens us up to a world of knowing our environment and ourselves in a more balanced way and thus creating abundance and prosperity naturally.

Marlene LaVonne/Romancing the Ch'i has a background in counseling psychology, interior design and real estate, and she has studied and applied Feng Shui in England, Spain and California. She is both a teacher and practitioner of Feng Shui and can be reached at (503)222-5377, or by email: