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The Significance Behind Easter
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through the Mediumship of Arthur Pacheco
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Oh beloved, beloved, beloved, all of you, how gloriously benefited we are this day. I come to speak of it in my own way that you can benefit somewhat and perhaps feel yourselves in the sway of this wonderful thing called Easter, far beyond anything that could possibly be contained in any one church or temple, or mosque. This thing is, well, the Glory portal of all time as it goes forth.

My dear friends it is this very day I tell you, that long ago was concocted by Greater Minds than our own. It was determined then by these Great Cosmic Beings that we are to receive a release of something called the resurrection fire. That thing that brings us all to life. That thing that yearly then is released on Easter Day, plentifully, beautifully upon this planetary body, and beyond of course, but especially here on Earth.

You see in the Great, Vast Mind of God each planet is very especially cared for as to its particular needs. And when it comes to the Earth my dears, what we need here is forgiveness, and then resurrection always follows in its wake. This is the purpose of this thing you call Easter, far beyond any one tradition. I say it spans your sweet globe giving you all hope, and telling you all that you can begin again.

It matters not what you've done in the year past. Oh consequences, of course they must endure, mustn't they. But I tell you these wear out when you focus on that which delivers you from them, the resurrection fire. Come alive my dears. It is not only Lazarus, not only the Master Jesus who took advantage of this thing, but all do whether they know it or not. Why, the very Earth Itself thrills at this time.

My dear friends, this day is set aside for each one of you to leave your past behind. Can you do it? Wouldn't you like to? All of your misunderstandings - let them go. All of those times that you hung your head in shame - let it go. The times you felt inadequate, insecure, gone now. All of it gone if you will, that you might feel something bubbling up within you called your new chance.

Oh my dears seek to have your spirit eyes opened I say, your inner sight. This is the time, while the resurrection fire burns and glows all about you. You can use it to grow, to ascend literally, and certainly to resurrect from that death which is only too much memory of past failings and thoughts. Cut the ties my dears. Sever those cords and find yourselves free to rise above all things. You will come out better, I tell you.

What would you do if I told you that this very day you have the Greatest Cosmic Beings, of which we are aware, at your beck and call? Yes. They put Themselves there humbly, and they look at humanity and say, "What wouldst Thou?" And so we have this grand opportunity this Easter Day, my dears. I say both together and privately I encourage you to speak and utter your prayers. Invoke the Grand Ones to help you. They are ready.

Thus is the Power of Eastertide, beyond any thoughts of limited teachings and doctrines. These of course must have their day that they might, like so many winds, blow away all that is misunderstanding.

Rise up my dears. Come to know who you are. You are all of you resurrectors, here to resurrect others. Yes! That is your role you know. I should accept it if I were you. It is a sweet one, perhaps the sweetest of all. Go about giving sight to the blind, bringing the dead in spirit back to life, and then be yourselves at Eastertide. This is the Will of your Celestial Parents, and the Will of All the Great Ones, who bid you sweet love this day, sweet love unto all. Stretch forth your hands and heal my dears. Bring your brethren back to life, as you yourselves have been brought back. So be it for one thousand years. So be it. Amen

Arthur Pacheco received this message on an Easter Sunday a few years ago, and offers it to the readers of New ConneXion. He is a trance medium and believes the words to have come from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Whatever the source, the message is beautiful and timely. Arthur’s email address is: and his church's website is