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Spring Fever is in The Stars
Isn't it about time to put the passion back into your life?
by Mark Dodich
Mark Dodich
Have you felt like you have been grinding away through the winter, chugging along with the daily routine of your life? Are current relationships, or lack of relationships, holding you back from expressing your inner passions and creativity? If so, get ready for a change as sensual Venus and passionate Mars give you an energetic revitalization between March and July.

Venus represents love, sharing, harmony, luxury items, art, and real estate. Mars represents your ambitions, assertiveness, sexuality, and expressing the warrior within. Together, they help you to manifest relationships, jobs, and a comfortable place to live. The spiritual tone is that Venus helps you to flow in beauty and harmony, while Mars helps you take the highest actions to manifest altruistic goals.

Venus will be retrograde in pioneering Aries from March 8 - April 19. Mars will be retrograde in adventurous Sagittarius between May 11 and July 19. It is unusual for these two relationship planets to turn retrograde at nearly the same time.

The term, retrograde, means that the planets provide an optical illusion that they are moving backwards in the sky. During this cycle, you must focus on new ways to assert your ambitions to increase harmony in your life. Retrograde periods require you to revise attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are no longer in your Highest Good.

March through July stimulates you to re-ignite your flames of passionate enthusiasm. Mars, in randy Sagittarius, is ready for a new adventure. Venus, in independent and courageous Aries, says that it is time to strike out in new directions. Open yourself to taking bold new steps to manifest your desires.

The combination of these two relationship planets in fiery signs adds up to a restless Spring.

You are ready to release less-than-fulfilling relationships, jobs, and activities. Retrograde cycles motivate you to make a behind-the-scenes plan to reach your next goal. Instread of rushing into the next relationship or the next job, give yourself until July to really understand what you want and need. Projects initiated too quickly during a retrograde cycles are notorious for needing to be reworked after the planets move direct (forward) again.

If you are a Sun sign, or have planets in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you will be stimulated to seek new adventures and new relationships. Fire and air element signs tend to increase their enthusiasm when new possibilities are on the horizon.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) may feel uncomfortable as you are kicked out of your safe little rut. You are being called to "let go, and let God" as you open to those yet unknown possibilities.

Either way, this Spring is ripe for revitalizing your lust for life. Now is the time to give your head, heart, and physical environment a good Spring-cleaning. Although this article is looking at Venus and Mars retrograde from a relationship perspective, there are several other ways to look at it.

You may simply find this an opportune time to polish your personal image, be it in wardrobe, physical appearance, or toning your body for summer. Others will want to re-do their resume, brochures, or product packaging. You can plan a special vacation or relocation. Begin to make yourself available for romance or new career opportunities.

As you can see, the heightened energies of Venus and Mars are working to help you to enhance your life. You are being stimulated to step away from activities, relationships, and behaviors that dampen your passion for life. Now is the time to begin a fresh and optimistic approach to manifesting your heart's desires and worldly goals.

In short, it is time to remember your passion for life. Try something new between March and July. You have an opportunity to manifest something - or someone - that will reinvigorate your creative expression. Above all, enjoy the process!

Mark Dodich has been an Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association and provides consultations and workshops internationally. Call for his free newsletter 503.252.1558 or visit his website at