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Appreciation: An Attribute of the Soul
by Julé

Appreciation. Something nice to think about, right? A lovely state of being…Something that increases the quality of life…Something a happy person knows about…

Yes, definitely, but there's more, much more.

"Appreciation is the least used and least understood of the more powerful spiritual tools available to you… Contemplate this… then meditate upon it."

What is the nature of appreciation? "Appreciation: A: sensitive awareness; b: judgment, evaluation, esp. a favorable critical estimate; c: an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude; d: an increase in value." Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1975. Well, Webster does provide some grist for the mill. But there is no reference made to appreciation being an attribute of the soul. What do we mean by this? Well, simply put, it is a divine quality. It can accurately be said that whenever you sincerely appreciate anything -- a sunrise, a flower, a smile -- that in that moment you touch your soul, i.e. you are elevated and aligned with subtler reaches of your own Being.

Now, we are not speaking here of noting a simple preference, but rather of an experience that includes a sense of gratitude. We can say that Appreciation may be reflected in the expression (body/personality), but it truly resides within the soul. We can validly make certain assumptions regarding the acceleration of development that can take place through alignment with, and experiences of the soul. We can say that the individual's overall vibration will increase, that there will be an elevation of consciousness, and that personal growth will be the result. If we accept this understanding of appreciation, we cannot properly regard appreciation as an emotion. Rather, it is a state of being that both creates and reflects a fuller knowledge of and integration with the energies of the soul.

Appreciation also functions as a spiritual tool, in that it clears the path for more of whatever we appreciate to come into our lives! The energy of appreciation is so powerful that it produces an energy field between the appreciated and the appreciator. That can sort of "bulldoze" a path through whatever obstacles stand between us and more experiences of that which we are appreciating. The smallest amount of contemplation of this truth will reveal the enormous benefits that can be had. A significant boon will include the overall strengthening of the immune system, which results, partially from the spiritualization of the physical body that naturally ensues from being bathed in energies of appreciation.

The logical question is "What can I do to experience more Appreciation?" You can do a great deal. If affirmation and/or visualization techniques are a part of your personal growth process, you can employ them to both plow the field and plant seeds for greater appreciation. Contemplating each new awareness, every unfolding perception, and each understanding that you gain with gratitude can create quantum leaps. Nurture self-appreciation, which is the root of your ability to appreciate everything. Consider the distance you have traveled to get where you are, i.e. that you can read this and understand the implications of what is being said.

We can cultivate and increase "appreciably" our ability to appreciate through a sincere effort of will. Don’t rely heavily on comparisons between self and others to find appreciation, as in, "I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man that had no feet." Rather take the opportunity to focus on your feet; note their serviceability and regard them well. Simple efforts and even a few flat out comparisons are a place to start. Those diligent efforts will become a habit and eventually lead you to higher states of appreciation.

Lastly, I recommend starting an appreciation log. Find at least seven things to appreciate in your life each morning when you rise, seven during the day and seven different ones before you retire. If you're feeling uninspired, start with the fact that you woke up! You could then move on to the fact that you remembered the log, to your realization that appreciation is a powerful and accessible tool, and go on from there!

Today I am appreciating: the channeling that inspired this article, New ConneXion for printing it, Arise Counseling and Dr. Lorelynn Cardo for presenting my Portland Workshops, the computer I'm writing this article with, all previous Appreciation Workshop attendees whose participation enabled me to refine the ideas expressed here, and I appreciate YOU for reading this! (That's seven, isn't it?)

Julé is an Intuitive Counselor, Minister and Healer who has been working in Metaphysics for more than 30 years. She is the author of What's All This About, Anyway?...A Metaphysical Companion. She lives in New York and teaches seminars and workshops throughout the country and abroad. She will be offering private sessions and workshops at Arise Counseling in Portland, March 25 – April 4. See Calendar or call 503 690-7727.