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On the Wings of Heaven:
A True Story from a Messenger of Love
by G. W. Hardin, Joseph Crane (Contributor)
Joseph Crane, barely survived the bombing of his ship during the Vietnam War. Just when he thought he was going to die, a shouting voice directs him and his companions through a blinding inferno. Joe was never able to discover any human source to thank. For twelve years, the voice intermittently continued calling out Joe's name until he finally answered back. An angel appeared to Joe, and charged him to find seven master souls who not only will represent the human condition in us all but will also speak on behalf of humanity as heaven presents us with an offer of returning to an Eden-like earth. And by the way, three of those seven masters will be gay. Joe almost chokes at hearing this, but over the space of two years finds the seven.

The Angel Michael tells Joe Crane we are entering a new cycle, and soon all of us, still alive on earth, will be allowed to dwell in the "mansions" we have created in the heavens for our selves, by ourselves. He says we have built our individual mansions via "bricks" over the many lifetimes--including the most important lifetime – this one.

He goes on to explain how one can daily add new bricks to the heavenly mansion by blessing others, double bricks, by giving to others, and triple the amount of bricks by performing unconditional selfless deeds while in the NOW moment.

Hardin, co-author of the best-selling book The Messengers, presents the notion of gays as the sacred ones, the Gatekeepers, those who are watchers of two worlds. Hardin said about his book, "We simply must end this arrogance where we pretend to speak for God. We must take a look at ourselves collectively and understand that we all have a place in the Divine Plan. And those who are blessed with the 'first fruits' must give up their victimhood in favor of their sacred power. The time has come for the Gatekeepers to bring balance back to themselves and to life around them."

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