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Living Goddess Comes to Town
by Devotee

In the Veda, the ancient scriptures of India, it is written that the Goddess has promised to come to Earth in human form when her children need her. Rather than images of Barbie and movie stars, girls in India are brought up with images of the Goddess and the women who embody her qualities of unlimited love, strength and wisdom as their role models.

There are a few Indian women at present believed to incarnate Divine Mother energy. Being in the presence of these holy women is like no other experience in this world. In their presence, all thoughts and feelings melt into bliss that light that all spiritual traditions speak of glows and sparkles in the air. Such a woman is Bhagavati Sri Sri Sri Vijayeshwari Devi, known familiarly as Karunamayi, “Compassionate One,” or simply Amma, “Mother.”

Karunamayi was born on the auspicious holiday of Vijayadashami, the celebration of Divine Mother’s victory over the forces of negativity. Meditative as a child, she showed early signs of spiritual illumination and miracle working. When she was 21 she withdrew to a remote forest area in South India to meditate and perform spiritual practice on behalf of humanity. After more than a decade of austerities, she emerged from solitude to devote herself to bringing peace and divine consciousness to the world.

She founded ashrams in India to feed and care for the poor. She built an orphanage, a school for handicapped children and a hospital which opened last year and provides free services to remote areas that never before had access to medical care. In her wider mission, she teaches meditation and how to find inner and outer peace by living a life based on love and spiritual values. Her teachings are not “religion,” but stem from the ancient Indian science of self-realization.

The way of life Karunamayi advocates combines knowledge, devotion, disciplined spiritual practice and selfless service. She often teaches esoteric wisdom from the ancient Divine Mother and Yogic traditions that would rarely be available even to the most advanced practitioner, but her discourses overflow with love and sweetness. “I have come all this way just to see you. I have not come to you as a guru, I have not come to you as a God. I have come to you as your own Mother.

“I would like everyone to meditate,” she continues. “When we do meditation, we get peace, a balanced mind, self-confidence, respect for others, and a loving and pure heart. The true goal of human life is to discover our divine nature and experience its bliss. A meditator goes beyond the body, realizes and merges with God and becomes one with the cosmos. “The language of God is silence. In our spiritual life, we must learn this language of silence. So meditate, my beloved children, and learn God’s language.”

“Service is also very important,” she continues. “To do service to humanity is to do service to God; selfless service is an essential part of one’s spiritual path. But to do service without meditation is not enough because you will still have ego.

“For the Divine Mother to come and dwell in our heart,” Karunamayi concludes,“we must have Shanti, peace, which is the very essence of God. Human love is ephemeral, selfish and shortsighted in character. Divine love is eternal, selfless, all encompassing, and endows that peace. I wish for all of you to feel only divine love for your fellow human beings. It is my hope that at least a few people will serve humanity with harmony in thought, word and deed for the benefit of peace for humankind and for Mother Earth. In this way, world peace can become a reality.”

Amma will be making her Fifth visit to Portland from May 29 to the 31st, 2001. There will also be a 3-day silent meditation retreat with Amma on June 1-3 at YMCA Camp Collins in Gresham. All public programs are free, except the meditation retreat to which all are welcome. For further information, please call Gayatri or Bharat at 503-591-0984, E-Mail: or visit her web site at, which also has additional photographs and excerpts from her teachings.