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Introduction to Vibrational Medicine
by Joseph Montagna

The original concept of vibrational medicine dates back into antiquity, when vibrational remedies in the form of flower essences and gemstone elixirs were consistently and extensively employed throughout many ancient civilizations such as the Lemurians, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Incas, Toltecs, and Chinese. Certain other cultures in the far distant past, including ancient Greece, Rome, India, and the native Americans throughout America, continued to maintain the custom of using these remedial agents until they eventually became a systematic form of medicine, while all natural and holistic methods of healing became the predominant system of medical practice.

The vibrational remedies that comprise the group of formulations that are outlined here include both flower essences and gemstone elixirs. According to the author Gurudas, such remedies are "tinctures of liquid consciousness" that contain an evolutionary force in the shape of a particular energy-pattern. As a result, they become an evolutionary form of catalyst in the consciousness of an individual, which, in turn, directly affects their free will in the form of certain progressive elements that stimulate greater inspiration and personal growth or transformation.

Everything in life, both animate and inanimate, is in a constant state of vibrational resonance and harmonics, which generates energy-fields of an electrical and electromagnetic nature. Such patterns of molecular activity generate a frequency that amplifies the vibrational quality of various other life-forms, and these same patterns comprise many of the activities that ultimately transform these frequencies into the dense organic matter of the physical body. Therefore, the healing capabilities of these vibrational remedies are directly based upon the transference of their energy frequencies into the physical body on the molecular level, thereby stabilizing the biomolecular system by providing a more sympathetic resonancy. The healing properties of energetic medicine are attributed to their particular resonancy (or harmonic) that interacts with specific parts or various organs of the body's physical anatomy. The healing process then extends from the biomolecular level to the cellular level, and eventually to the anatomical level in order to harmonize with the biochemical properties of the physical body. The specific type of resonancy that is stored within the energy-pattern (or frequency) of a particular vibrational remedy usually possesses greater empathetic qualities when it is transferred to the unstable biomolecular level, which is usually quite strong during the disease-state.

Vibrational remedies also possess a more expanded form of resonancy known as thought amplification, in which an individual's thought-forms are absorbed by a particular flower essence or gemstone elixir and then re-arranged according to a specific vibratory frequency-pattern that exists within that remedial agent. This allows the vibrational preparation to be better assimilated into the subtle anatomy at the biomolecular level, and usually occurs in such a manner because the physical body is completely designed and patterned by the characteristics of both the conscious and subconscious minds. Therefore, the healing properties of these remedies are further activated and enhanced by the practice of meditation, positive thinking, and creative visualization techniques. These processes allow such remedies to be more easily assimilated into all the vibrational levels of the body by directly entering the various meridian points, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of these preparations.

Vibrational formulations seek to adjust the flow of one's consciousness, as well as remove the various karmic patterns that originally created such a disease-state. Upon influencing the subtle bodies and all the other ethereal properties of the subtle anatomy (such as chakras, meridians, nadis, or miasms), they then begin to produce a gradual effect upon the physical body itself. Since these remedies are self-adjusting in terms of their overall effects upon the body, several ingredients in a particular formulation can be effectively assimilated in a much more coordinated manner. The body will then selectively apply the various grouping of essences to those appropriate areas of the subtle anatomy that require their particular healing qualities or capabilities.

Energetic medicine is only capable of stabilizing the physical and subtle bodies on a temporary basis until a total cleansing of one's consciousness occurs. This includes the release of various mental or emotional toxins, such as negative emotional attachments or mental misconceptions involving certain dysfunctional behavioral patterns. These ethereal toxins are then dispelled into the outer portions of one's aura in order for them to be purified and later transferred into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are subsequently transformed and disintegrated. However, a portion of these toxins may be drawn back into the physical body by any form of conscious or unconscious resistance towards the release of these various dysfunctional personality traits or attitudes. Nevertheless, these vibrational remedies usually enable an individual to directly confront and resolve the underlying cause or source of such behavioral patterns in order for them to surface and be released.

Vibrational medicine is extremely sensitive to the outer environment, and can be adversely affected by certain noxious odors or other environmental pollutants. They may also be negatively influenced by any form of exposure to extreme heat (such as direct sunlight or hot beverages), but usually function best when preserved at a storage temperature of about 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vibrational formulas are extremely safe and effective for children, who are often more responsive to this form of therapy because there is less likelihood of any interference or resistance from various accumulations of negative mental or emotional blockages and dysfunctional attitudes.

The best times to ingest these remedies is usually upon awakening, around noon, before the evening meal, and before bedtime. The frequency of the dosage is far more important than the quantity ingested and, in certain chronic conditions, the dosage may be administered on an hourly basis. These remedies should never be taken during meals, even though certain foods (such as fruits and vegetables) will usually enhance their effects. Distilled or natural spring water also aids in the proper assimilation of these essences. Be sure to vigorously shake the vibrational preparation prior to ingesting it, as this will further activate the vital life force that resides in the remedy. It is also wise to hold the dosage in the mouth for up to 60 seconds in order for it to become completely integrated with the various enzyme properties that exist in the saliva. This will allow the preparation to be assimilated more rapidly into the biomolecular level in order to further enhance its interaction with the normal bodily processes.

Each vibrational combination may be taken for at least 30 days, with the average length of time ranging generally from 3 to 6 months (depending upon the severity of the disease-state). Such remedies should not be ingested on a continuous basis for more than one year, unless the particular preparation is applicable to highly chronic conditions that have existed for more than three years or relates to conditions that may have originated during childhood. The normal response-time to such remedies normally varies from the first few seconds of the initial dose to several weeks, depending upon the particular individual's overall sensitivity or degree of resistance.