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Starting with our new Topic Sections, you will discover many new designs and features in both our newsprint and cyber editions. Our logo has always emphased the mysterious X. Now as we move to a bolder and more exciting look, you can follow the development of our new design on the Internet.

The X represents the concept of connectivity that is at the core of our company and how we work. For us the four open spaces defined by the X represents the full potential of the four directions and balance of life. As above so below. East meets west. As within so without.

The organization and design of our new Topic Section headings coordinates our newsprint edition with our web site. Each new section has its own new web page and URL address. We are starting the Millennium off with a whole new look. You can see these new Section headings in this issue for the first time, and they each have a matching web page and URL (internet address).


Miriam Knight has been writing for Community ConneXion for several months now, as we have been getting to know each other. One day as we were talking about going on-line with her article and picture, she expressed interest in developing a web-based holistic health directory. We soon realized that this is a big part of, and we were on parallel paths.

Being an energy therapist herself, she is interested in holistic health and complementary medicine. She also brings a great combination of experience in the software industry, business administration and public health, so we decided to join forces. Her official position is editor but, as with all small businesses, she helps do everything. Our new easy-to-remember phone number 503-892-3300 is located at her home/office, where she lives with her husband Geoffrey Knight, a local hypnotherapist.

In addition, we would like to mention some of our staff: particularly Michelle, our Office Goddess, and Dale, our Webmaster. More on them in the future.


In 1991 we started out under the umbrella of the Rock Foundation (a spiritual organization since 1954). As a membership cooperative we grew to 200 local new age type of individuals and organizations. Now with expansion on the Internet we literally go around the world.

This has caused us to add new levels of membership and expanded coverage. Our membership now includes: ecologically-socially-spiritually conscious communities; holistic health and complementary practitioners; energy workers and intuitives; and, in general, metaphysical and alternative minded individuals.

Local Membership

#1 -- Our bi-monthly newspaper is primarily available in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, so we offer a "Metro" Membership. This costs $25 annually and allows these members to submit articles, editorials, press releases, art, photos, poems and other non-commercial information. It is free to churches and ecologically-socially-spiritually conscious non-profit organizations. Metro members qualify for a 50% discount on all print advertising.

For those with Internet access we offer:

#2 -- Our "Basic" membership is designed to attract people who a) need information on the conscious/wholistic scene; b) may be interested in emerging culture trends and want to stay in contact; or c) are intereted in joining a conscious community. We offer them free newsletters, forums, information, email and other free stuff.

#3 -- Our next level is "Listed" Member. It offers free LIST&LINK, our on-line Wholistic Resource Directory listing service to all those who qualify. This has allowed us to provide links to thousands of additional web pages.

#4 -- KEY membership is $95 annually and offers all the above plus a 50% discount on all cyber services and a key word or web-tag that serves as a URL address at our web site key. We actively promote new Key members with search engine support and registration, Internet press releases and email/newsletter LIST&LINK capabilities.


You can't see the biggest improvement in our web site. It is the new Cold Fusion database and Search Engine that powers our directory. Now our web site really does have a mind of its own. You can access information five ways: 1 - Our Search Engine will retrieve information dynamically from our directory, our entire site or the entire Internet, 2 - Navigate through our site with an easy-to-use menu from our home page, 3 - Our new Topic Sections have their own URL address or are available through our home page menu, 4 - Key words associated with our URL as web tags (see Key symbols/icons) can be entered (follwing our Internet address) into your computer's location window, 5 - Dozens of Meta-Tags or magnetic keywords are encoded in our web site to attract searches from outside our site.

Each of our main Topic Sections is a stand-alone web page complete with topic heading (Health, Business, etc.), directory of related categories, message board or chat room, topic features, specific information, newsletters, plus search and navigation buttons. We are seeking editors for newsletters on each section topic.


Now you can register on our home page for a FREE on-line Wholistic Resource Directory listing and one FREE link to your email or web page direct from our web site. You may choose up to five categories including our new Speakers Bureau. Do not confuse this service with our annual printed Wholistic Resource Guide and Internet Directory. This is the magazine edition for which there is a charge (see All KEY members will be listed in WRG-ID and may choose to be listed in our newspaper directory, up to 5 lines are free.

The marketing advantages of LIST&LINK are enormous due to the fast growth of the Internet and the need to retrieve information quickly and accurately. Too many search engines have out of date information. The advantage of LIST&LINK is that our Search Engine is connected directly to your web page, and it will let you make changes and keep your own listing current. In this manner we are connected to thousands of up-to-date web pages.


Your computer truly will have a mind of its own when you use our new Conscious Search capability. Our database capacity provides you with a virtually endless source of information presented on dynamic web pages customized by the reader's selections. Our database holds millions of entries, each one linked to multiple web pages, or we can help you search the entire web.

We search for the listing information and key words in our database, not the information inside the off site web pages. If you choose Community ConneXion to host your web pages, then your entire text is searchable on our site search. We host web pages for our members at only $4.95 each. This will make visitors to our site very happy and make our search engine look even smarter.


Yes! the Internet is exploding by millions of new web sites daily. We just expanded our site ten-fold. Each of our general interest areas now has its own web page. We have divided our old site into Topic Sections, each with its own ConneXion name and matching URL address [Health ConneXion's URL is]. Now they are directly accessible from the location window of every on-line computer on the planet. This also means that each section can be registered with and searchable by all major search engines as a separate and individual web site, bringing it even more traffic.

Each new section has its own Directory, Articles, Features, Newsletter registry, Forum, Links, etc. This provides full web site services for each section while sharing the entire database for search and cross link capabilities. It is our method of supplying simple yet efficient access to information retrieval. We are now a family of interconnected web sites, and the network is growing daily.


The increased capacity of our new database has made it possible to offer many new services to our visitors and members. Most of these services are now or will be FREE. Both our "Basic" and "Listed" memberships are FREE. All you need to do is go on-line and register. In fact, this is all you need to qualify for FREE email and unlimited access and there will never be any charges.

If you want to connect to the world through a conscious community, why not switch your email service or open a new email address at Community ConneXion. It's FREE! You will find a button on our home page at that provides your FREE email conneXion and free Internet access.

We are developing and adding many other FREE services. We will notify you as they become available. If you wish to sign up for our email newsletter, we will be able to notify you just as soon as these new services are available. Otherwise, watch this Publisher's Page or log on to our site regularly.


We'd like to welcome an old friend as a new member into the ConneXion Community. John Van Rees, whom former visitors to Centergees will know well, has teamed up with Joan D'Arcy to create a new business called Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces. It is dedicated to products that help bring Spirit into the home, such as altars, crystals, incense and tools for creating Sacred Space.

They have a wonderful assortment of beautiful and unusual crystals, clearly a passion of John's, as well as sacred music, vibrational essences, wonderful water fountains and wooden statues from Thailand.

They have a great healing room under a translucent pyramid for healers as well as a roomy yet cozy meeting space in which they are sponsoring an interesting range of both ongoing classes and special events.

Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces is at 2426 NE Broadway, Portland. Tel. 503-528- 1430. To find out about their upcoming events, e-mail John at or check out the ConneXion on-line calendar.