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Organization for Spirituality in the Workplace
by Doug Verigin

The Organization for Spirituality in the Workplace was founded in July 1996, and is dedicated to helping us better understand how we can bring our souls to work. OSW is about learning to be who you are, all the time. The group is open to all. No particular religious creed or doctrine is promoted. Respect for people of all religions or spiritual paths is maintained.

The organization currently sponsors two monthly meetings. Each gathering features a presentation, panel discussion, or other appropriate activity. We share friendship, ideas and faith that Spirit works through us - especially at work. OSW Mission Statement:

  • Promote the integration of spiritual consciousness in the workplace.
  • Honor the uniqueness of individuals, and the reflection in these individuals of the universal truths found in the world's sacred teachings.
  • Create space, in the form of meetings and other events, where people can gather to communicate, support and teach each other, about the spiritual nature of work.
  • Create a network through which ideas and information about the spiritual nature of work can be communicated - in our community, locally and globally.
  • Provide an organizational foundation upon which others can create similar groups.

-- "Love is work made visible." -- Khalil Gibran

Meeting Dates: Third Thursday of every month. Contact: Doug Verigin: Work: 503-977-6764 email: