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The Master Djwhal Kuhl
by D.K. Student

Those known as the Masters of Wisdom are the great beings, who have chosen service to guide our planet through its evolution with their love, wisdom, and compassion. Among these great Ones, is the Master Djwhal Kuhl, also known as the Tibetan, or simply as the Master D.K. He has worked through numerous channels, notably Madam H.P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, and Alice Bailey. Through Madam Blavatsky (late 1800's) His powerful work "The Secret Doctrine," revolutionized spiritual thought of the day. While still living and teaching in Tibet, he continued his channeled materials to the West through Alice Bailey during the first half of the 20th century, creating an impressive body of spiritual resource material which is still available today.

Shortly before Alice's death in 1949, the Master D.K. ascended. Before her death, Alice had questioned Him as to His own future work. At that time, He indicated to her that He was moving on to other spiritual efforts and did not see His own return to work with humanity through channeling. However, in 1982, He again made contact with the human realm as a Master Teacher, this time through a voice channel, Janet McClure. Astonished by the contact, Janet asked him about his statement through Alice. He gave His little chuckle and replied, "Oh, it's not so different here than on the Earth plane; my Boss changed my assignment."

His channeled teachings through Janet, aiding Earth as it moves into the "New Age," can be found in her book "Prelude to Ascension." Before Janet's death, He made contact with Kathlyn Kingdon in 1984, who became His dedicated channel and has worked with Him since. He chose the modern format of the workshop and spiritual intensive to aid groups of people, and the avenue of the spiritual interview to facilitate growth for His students on an individual basis. Kathlyn is able to bring through the Master's teachings with vibrancy and exceptional clarity. Together, Teacher and channel have touched the lives of people in 20 of the United States and in eight foreign countries.

In recent teachings, He has consistently maintained that the year 2000 is of great spiritual importance, because it hangs suspended between the 1900's and the start of the 21st century. Whenever humanity hangs, energetically speaking, in suspension, great potential is congealed and made available to those who know how to use it for the healing and wholing of the planet.

Inspired by the depth of His wisdom that challenges the mind and reaches the soul, the students of the Master D.K. are bringing His channel to Portland. They wish to share the experience of having been gently loved into expansion and personal growth. The principles of this Master of Compassion are grounding, those who experience His cosmic grace come away transformed.

Master D. K. will present a workshop in Portland, "Spiritual Awakening in the 21st Century" during the weekend of April 8th and 9th. A public lecture will be held Friday, April 7th, at 7:30 p.m. at Opening to Life, 532 SE Ankeny, Portland. There is a nominal $10 fee per person for the public lectures, and the tuition price for the workshop is $175 through March 31,2000, $195 after. Personal consultations are also available on the 6th and 7th for $85 per hour. For more information call (360) 256-4507, or visit, email: