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Live Blood Cell Analysis
by Michele Patten

The blood plays an important role in the overall health of every person. It delivers essential nutrients, hormones and antibodies to the organs and cellular tissues of the body, and supplies oxygen to the cells while taking back carbon dioxide (the waste product of cell metabolism) to the lungs, where the CO2 is exhaled.

Knowing the condition of your blood can make the difference between living a healthy, energetic lifestyle, or not feeling as well as you should.

Using a Darkfield Microscope, Live Blood Cell Analysis serves as a screening tool to identify many nutritional imbalances such as enzyme and nutrient deficiencies, poor digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, signs of high triglycerides and blood sugar, liver and bowel toxicity, bacteria, parasites and fungal forms. The focus of this type of health assessment is digestion, absorption, and elimination ­ three important bodily functions for maintaining a healthy body.

The impact of the digestive system on health cannot be overestimated; it is the foundation upon which our bodies are built. Even if you are eating healthy foods and supplementing with quality vitamins and minerals, a weak digestive system and enzyme deficiencies can prevent the body from properly breaking down the nutrients into absorbable form, which results in toxicity and a myriad of symptoms including intestinal disorders, headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, blood sugar imbalances, weight imbalances and other complaints that can make you feel miserable.

Digestion is a north to south process, and the critical point where it can literally turn sour is in the stomach if proteins putrefy, carbohydrates ferment and fats turn rancid. If undigested food is released into the intestines, this creates a toxic environment where bacteria, parasites, and fungal forms such as Candida can thrive and create havoc with the intestinal lining often leading to "leaky gut syndrome." This is a harmful condition in which the lining of the intestinal tract becomes porous and irritated and no longer provides a strong barrier necessary to stop undigested food particles, toxins, parasites and candida from passing into the blood stream and spreading to other body organs. The results of Leaky Gut are digestive disorders, a weakened immune system and ultimately, chronic illness and autoimmune diseases.

With Live Blood Cell Analysis, you are able to see first-hand the effects of your nutrition by viewing a monitor as your blood is being examined under the microscope. Early detection of potential problems has many benefits, including true illness prevention, an increased knowledge of nutrition, and greater wellness.

Michele Patten has a BS in Biology and Holistic Nutrition, and is a Certified Nutritionist and Microscopist. She specializes in Nutritional Analysis and Counseling, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Enzyme and Nutritional Therapy, Blood Sugar Control, Candida overgrowth, and Weight Loss. Call 503.247.9165.