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Interview with Amma

Sri Karunamayi, also known as Amma, has been revered as the incarnation of the Divine Mother, Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge and Creativity. She is the embodiment of Compassion and Truth. Her devotees have recorded many extraordinary miracles of healing and spiritual upliftment all over the world. She was born on the most auspicious day in the Hindu calendar, Vijaya Dashami, a celebration of the triumph of good, and the Divine Mother's victory over the forces of evil. From a young age, Amma became more immersed in higher states of consciousness, which led her to meditating in a remote forest in India for ten years. She has since founded an Ashram, monastery in Bangalore, along with an orphanage, a school for handicapped children, a hospital, and a large food program serving the poor.

The following excerpts are taken from an interview produced and aired by the radio show New Dimensions, San Francisco, hosted by Michael Toms:

Introduction: One of the most intriguing aspects of the spiritual explosion, since the 1960's has been the emergence of female spiritual teachers on the world scene. Literally all of the major religious traditions have previously been dominated by a patriarchal spiritual lineage. Within recent years of the world-wide phenomena of the Marion visions, the emergence of female gurus such as Guru Mayi, Mother Meera, Swami Sivananda Radha, and other women spiritual teachers.

Question: What brings you to the United States?

Answer: The entire universe is a little home, in a spiritual attitude. India is a small room, the U.S. is also another room. I was asked to come here to be with my children to give love, affection, and discourses about meditation. My children love silence, and meditation. All these things make Amma come to this country.

Question: Why is meditation important and what is the value of meditation?

Answer: Meditation is nothing but inner purification. The one who has inner vision can only understand Universe. Meditation elevates the soul from the body, mind, and intellect to absolute peace and bliss. In meditation, you achieve a balance state of mind, self-confidence, and control the emotions. Meditation is only a path to God and bliss. Meditation is very important in this 20th century because people have so much anxiety, frustrations and stress in their lives. Meditation gives salvation and mental peace to us.

Question: What is the most common problem that you've heard expressed by those people who have been coming to see you?

Answer: Here, life in the West is so colorful, though only externally. But mentally, there is so much emptiness, anxieties and tension filled lives. People are suffering with so many physical ailments. Most come to see Mother for physical and mental healing, and many come for meditation and spiritual values.

Question: What is the Indian view of Americans, and the United States?

Answer: Ancient sages of India have said this whole world is one family. Sages further said that to be one with God, be always in peace. The Indian heart is always, about the entire universe, the brotherhood, peace, love, and sharing the Divine feelings without any difference, just like a blood relationship of brothers and sisters, they want to share their feelings, with the entire universe. Indians would see Americans as their brothers and sisters in the spiritual path.

Question: Why did you meditate for 10 years in a remote forest in India? What was your motivation? And what was that experience like?

Answer: Meditation is our natural state; it is our soul state. When we are in meditation, or in Samadhi, in that experience, months, days, years, we do not count the time. If we meditate for 10 years, it feels like it is only 10 minutes. It is because we are in our self. The entire universe is our self. We are in benediction. There is no separation, only absolute silence. There are no words that can explain this experience of bliss. A real seeker of God with his silence, wherever he may be, he sends the vibrations of his peace and love to this universe. It is enough.

Question: What do you suggest to us to reach that place that you are speaking of?

Answer: Learn and practice meditation regularly. Learn the silence meditation and chant the Mantra day and night. This is the only way to peace and blessedness.

Question: What is the sound of Om?

Answer: The sound Om is the prime energy. In this sound Om there are three letters. One is Acara, the physical body, mortal body; second is Omkara, the mental body; and third is Makara, the spiritual body. As we chant this Om sound, daily, hundred times, or for one hour in silent meditation, gradually, the impurities in the heart will be dispelled, and you will realize who you are, the immortal self, one with God.

As part of her sixth tour to the United States and other European countries, she will bless Portland and lead 2-day meditation retreat on May 16-21. Please don't miss this opportunity to be with the Divine Mother Amma, Sri Karunamayi. For more information about Sri Karunamayi's public programs and meditation retreat to be held in Portland from May 16-21, Please contact Gayatri at 503-591-0984 or email:, or check Sri Karunamayi website at http://www.karunamayiorg.