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Herbal Medicine: Where Science and Magic Meld
by Sharol Tilgner N.D.

Unlike synthetic drugs, herbs are living things with energetic patterns that affect us on both a chemical and an energetic level. You may need a particular herbal constituent to perform specific metabolic or anabolic processes, or for protection from organisms that have taken up residence in your body. You may also need the energetic vibrations of the plant for healing to take place.

Many individuals perceive herbal products as a substitute for drugs. While they can be used to assist our body's natural mechanisms of healing, herbs are much more than that. The energetic patterns of the plants can affect us by their mere presence as well as by ingesting them and assimilating the plants into our own energetic framework. They can nourish body, heart and soul. They provide sustenance and the ability to heal what ails you. They can bring beauty and wonder into your life. Herbs have many personalities just as people do. Some herbs are hot and fiery while others are calming and cooling. Just as the presence of another person can affect you so can the presence of an herb.

There are any number of books and classes about our herbal friends.

On May 27-29, 2000 you can attend the Pacific NW Herbal Symposium, sponsored by Wise Woman Herbals, where both the science and magic of plants will be explored. At this year's symposium the theme is "Herbs for Health & Longevity." It will offer classes to people with all levels of experience, as well as herb walks. The subjects covered range across the use of herbs with Alzheimer's, menopause, cancers, as well as in aromatherapy, making herbal beers and medicines, and a guided slide show about a trip to the Ecuador rainforest.

For a free information packet, call 1-800-476-6518 or write to WWH, PO Box 279, Creswell, Oregon 97426