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Business Network

Thursday, March 2nd

REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. John Poling (503-810-8382) will host a discussion about real estate investment, development, remodeling and new construction. He has 40 years' experience in the Portland market. Learn about recent trends, tax tips, mortgage options and buy/sell/trade criteria. Bring your questions and ideas and join the panel discussion every first Thursday of every month.

Thursday, March 9th

HEALTHIER BUILDINGS. Roslyn Hamilton, founder of Oregon Ecobuilding Network and Joanne Kraft, Vice President, Stockbroker, Blackwell Donaldson & Co., and National Network Director of Multi-Pure Corp. will present an overview of current green housing and mission of this new nonprofit organization (503-760-2092).

Thursday, March 16th

BUSINESS CONNEXION, the socially and ecologically conscious approach to doing business in today's world, by Miriam Knight (503-892-3300), editor of Community ConneXion and ConneXion Online. Miriam is a new addition to the Community ConneXion staff and is a recently relocated resident to Portland from England, where she was Executive Director of the Standing Conference of Public Health (organizations). She is an accomplished executive administrator.

Thursday, March 23rd

PROFIT ENHANCEMENT PROCESS by David Schwindt, CPA and member of BN (503-227-1165). David is a partner in Vaght & Schwindt, LLP, certified public accountants and consultants in the Johns Landing area. David is a member of the Institute of Profit Advisors. He is skilled at coaching companies in discovering, developing and completing profit initiatives.

Thursday, March 30th

THE ANSWER MAN. Yes, one of our favorite advisors, Don Robbens (503-297-2000), will be back to continue our Q&A sessions. He is a real estate, tax and securities expert. Don is developing a shopping cart approach to the internet and is currently offering a web page approach to investment advise. After 13 years in the Business Network, Don's Q&A is still one of our favorite programs.

Thursday, April 6th

REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. See March 2nd for program information.

Thursday, April 13th

TAX TIME STRESS got you down? Yes, it is just two days before D-Day. Come talk about "Stress Reduction" with one of Oregon's leading hypnotherapists, Geoffrey Knight (503-246-7300). He will share his experience marketing his (new to Oregon) Knightsbridge Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP. Geoffrey is a former merchant banker and attorney from England.

Thursday, April 20th

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE and BANKING. Bruce Mock (503-699-1975) is an offshore specialist and long time friend of Business Network. He and his associates are working with the West Indies Stock Exchange (WISE) and the Given In Freedom Trust (GIFT). Offshore may well be one of your best financial planning strategies.

Thursday, April 27th

FEED OREGON'S HUNGRY, a project of the Woman's Journal editor, Jill Kelly and her sister (see related story on page 25). Jill (503-235-2019) is an accomplished businesswoman publishing the very successful Woman's Journal, free on newsstands here in the Portland area.

Thursday, May 4th

REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. See March 2nd for program information.

Thursday, May 11th

PEAK PERFORMANCE by John Oda (503-241-9200). He is a partner in Quality Results International. They have worked with some of the best influences of our time, such as Anthony Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, marketing genius Jay Abraham, and success coach Michael Leahy as well as corporations such as Century 21, Kelley Services, State Farm, Coldwell Banker.