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Assimilation of Food
by Victoria Boutenko

What percentage of the food that we eat do you think gets into our body's cells? Hold on to your seats: according to research cited by Edward Powell in "Enzyme Nutrition," only 0.01%-0.05% of the SAD (Standard American Diet) is assimilated by our bodies.

The body is very wise. It knows, for example, how to build a whole baby from a single cell, and grow it to adulthood. My daughter, Valya, after becoming aware of the wisdom of our cells, wrote on the wall of her room, "How come every separate cell is wise and together they create an idiot?

The body's cells are so wise that when toxins enter our body with food or bacteria, the body builds up a natural barrier called mucoid plaque. This serves as a filter to keep the toxins from entering the bloodstream, but it also impairs our ability to assimilate food.

That is why so many people are able to reach 45 or 50 without many aches and pains although they eat bad diets.

Their bodies keep the toxins out of the cells, but they also keep out vital nutrients and vitamins. That's also why so few people look vibrantly healthy. They just don't assimilate more than 0.01% of the nutrients. How does the body do it? It creates sticky mucous which stops up the passages in the cell membranes through which nutrients can be transferred to different parts of the body. So when we eat the food, it just goes through us.

Raw food is one of the best ways of scouring the mucoid plaque from the intestines, but it will not increase our assimilation in one day. Also, our body needs time to adjust. Otherwise if your body removes all the mucoid plaque and you eat something toxic, you may get really sick. You shouldn't make any drastic changes in your diet in any direction!

It takes about 30 days on a raw food diet to improve extremely low assimilation to 10 per cent, which is 100 times more! For younger people this process takes less time, for some it can take a little longer. That improvement makes a huge difference in our wellbeing. After being on raw foods for six years, I am assimilating about 30 per cent now. When you are able to assimilate more, your food intake begins to shrink. Yogis at 100 percent assimilation can eat only a tablespoon of food per day and survive, since everything goes into their cells.

You can read more about assimilation in "Enzyme Nutrition" by Edward Powell, and "Man's Higher Consciousness" by Hilton Hotema.

Victoria Boutenko is a certified Living Foods Practitioner, Iridologist, and Health Minister. She teaches Living Nutrition at Southern Oregon University. Victoria will teach a certification course for "Raw Gourmet Chefs" in Portland beginning March 14th. For reservations, call (541) 488-8865 or e-mail:



  • 2 cups - Water

  • 1 cup - Coconut

  • 1 cup - Cashew

  • 1/2 cup - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 1 tsp - Honey

  • 1 cup - chopped Celery

  • Salt or Bragg's to taste

  • Hot peppers to taste

  • 2-5 cloves Garlic

Blend coconut with one cup of water for 1 min in Vita-Mix or 2 min. in Regular Blender. Add cashews and blend for another 1/2 min. Then add the rest of ingredients and blend well. That makes plain chowder. Sprinkle dry parsley flakes before serving.

You can flavor it by adding: dulcet flakes, for a clam-chowder taste, chopped broccoli, chopped dry or fresh mushrooms, chopped tomato, grated carrots or fresh or frozen corn or peas. Use your imagination! Yields: 5 servings

Note: this soup will become warm from the blending. It's OK, because

it's still raw. (Just don't let it become hot!) Warm soups are comforting in the winter.