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Awakening Your Mind through Brainwave Training
by Meg Hardin and Kristen Stubblefield

The work of Brainwave Training was originally begun in the 70s in England by a scientist and Zen master named Maxwell Cade. He noticed the similarities among the descriptions of states attained during prayer and meditation across diverse spiritual disciplines. Being a scientist he set out to find an objective display for these subjective experiences. Thus he developed the prototype of the Mind Mirror EEG. He worked with many, many swamis, yogis, priests, advanced meditators and others whose states of consciousness we might wish to emulate. And he did identify a common pattern, which he called the Awakened Mind pattern.

It is characterized by an openness and flexibility that allows information and insights to pass between the conscious mind and the subconscious and unconscious minds. His student and later successor, Anna Wise, found that this same pattern is the pattern of creativity and is seen in artists and performers as well as mathematicians and business persons when they are doing their most creative work. It is the pattern of peak performance and we all have spontaneous flashes of it whenever we have an "ah-ha" experience ­ that moment of insight, the instant the answer appears.

After 25 years of observing people's brainwave patterns and studying what influences the four categories of brainwaves ­ beta, alpha, theta, and delta ­ we are now able to help people train their brainwaves and master their own states of consciousness. This mastery allows the mind to be clearer, sharper and more flexible. Insights, intuition and understanding increase as the information passes between the conscious and subconscious minds. Emotions and feelings are more accessible. Blocks disappear. Creative solutions arise.

By opening the brainwave pattern we allow ourselves to open to a deeper place within ourselves where transformation, healing and peak performance can occur at will, rather than waiting for those spontaneous flashes.

Brainwave Training founder, Anna Wise, established the Anna Wise Center for Consciousness and Brainwave Training. The training is provided in workshops in which participants begin to learn the building blocks for the Awakened Mind pattern. Each participant will be hooked up to the Mind Mirror III EEG and have their brainwaves monitored. This will provide each person with information on their own pattern and how to begin shaping it into a more awakened pattern. Relaxation, mental exercises, guided imagery and meditation are used in combination with the scientific technology to help awaken to more advanced states of consciousness.

Meg Hardin, the past Director of the Anna Wise Center, and Kristen Stubblefield from Eugene,OR will be giving an open Introductory Lecture and Demonstration on Friday, April 7, 2000 7:30 - 9:30 PM ($5 contribution requested) Call (541) 342-1223 or email: for location.