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Seven Planet Alignment in Taurus
Expanding and Manifesting,
by Mark F. Dodich
Mark Dodich

Are you feeling anxious this Spring? Perhaps you feel an unconscious need to express your philosophy and desires in a new way. Well, March and April begins the build-up of energy to the May 3rd alignment in the materially minded sign of Taurus.

The stable sign of the bull brings about a new sense of pragmatism. Taurus represents your highest values and deepest desires. Have you been involved in alternative practices on a part time basis and now ready to earn a living at it? Well, this alignment can help you with your motivation.

On the earthy level, it is time to clear up old debts and manifest your moneymaking ideas in the world. Free yourself of any ball- and- chain items or beliefs that hamper your progress.

On the personal level, Taurus wants to share sensuality and stability with a loving partner. Single people will have Spring fever in a larger way than in years past.

From a spiritual perspective, you are called to manifest harmony and beauty for the entire world. Your values and desires are based upon the highest good. Selfishness and excessive dependence on exterior world materialism will be seen as behaviors that do not work.

The Taurus emphasis this Spring will increase global consciousness on the issues of helping Mother Earth. We have already seen Taurus-related issues through mudslides on the Oregon coast. Recent newspaper articles have extensively discussed earthquakes.

While it is likely that the earth will need to shift its girth, it is not in the highest order to get lost in fearful thinking. Too much money has been spent on books that promote doom-and-gloom thinking.

One such idea you will hear is that the alignment will tilt the earth over on its axis. The US Naval Observatory says that this last happened was 788,000 years ago. Common sense says that you cannot time such a massive geological event to occur during this alignment.

If you look back to the last seven-planet alignment in Taurus in May 1882, you will find issues in the restructuring of banking. We now see credit and bankruptcy laws being revised. Banks are consolidating. Debit cards and at-home banking are just a few of the ideas about to manifest in a large way.

In 1882, there were historic border issues brought to the world including international territorial waters limits. You just need to look to Pakistan, India, Israel, and Syria to see that border issues are again in the international news.

How can you best take advantage of this planetary alignment? If you have your astrology chart, find the area containing the sign Taurus. If you know the meaning of the house(s) containing the sign Taurus, that is the area of your life that will be involved in creative restructuring and expansion. It is time to bring your ideas down to earth; but, do it in a sensible, cautious way.

Everyone can benefit by re-evaluating how you project your energies to the world. Is your heart in what you are doing with your work, your relationships, your living conditions? It is time to make a plan that will bring your outer world into harmony with your highest inner values. This does not mean you should call your boss and quit your day job. It does mean that you must put pragmatic and consistent effort into your long-term goals.

The key to the Taurus alignment is to find a way to bring your innovative ideas down to earth in a way that will create win-win situations. Your efforts must be sustained and they must be based upon what your heart really wants to do. You must communicate in clear and practical terms.

Make a commitment to yourself right now. Decide to roll up your sleeves and bring your plans out of the idea stage, and into the real world. The Taurus alignment will help you to move mountains.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer, specializing in spiritual purpose and relocation, since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association. For a free copy of his newsletter, ASTROMARK, contact him at (503) 252-1558 or visit his weekly Astrology Forecast at