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7 For 8: Portland Sisters Team Up To Feed Oregon's Hungry

Two SE Portland sisters, alarmed and saddened by Oregon's recent ranking as #1 in the U.S. in the number of hungry residents, have initiated a campaign to raise $250,000 for the Oregon Food Bank by March 31.

Kerry Fall, of KF Guerrilla Marketing, and Jill Kelly, editor of The Woman's Journal, are combining their energies and connections to feed the hungry in our communities. "According to the Oregon Food Bank, 1 in 8 Oregonians doesn't get enough to eat," says Fall. "We want to reach the 7 who do get enough food and ask them to help OFB feed the 8th one."

No elaborate fundraising events are planned. "We want every dollar we can raise to go to the food bank," says Kelly. The sisters are hopeful that they can spread the word through the media and everyone they know. "Our wish is that people will be moved to donate and that they will challenge their family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to raise money as well."

"For every dollar we can give to OFB, $10 in food gets distributed to a hungry person," says Fall. "For example, if your office department raises $150, that's $1500 of food distributed."

Fall and Kelly chose the March deadline because March is Hunger Awareness Month and Women's History Month, a doubly fitting time to come together to feed the hungry, most of them women and children.

And after talking to folks at OFB, they decided not to do a food drive. "While the food bank always appreciates donations of non-perishable foods, they're badly in need of funds to pay for cold storage for the millions of pounds of fresh and frozen food that food producers are willing to donate and for the handling and distribution of this food," she explains.

Since they began spreading the word in early December, the sisters have raised nearly $25, 000. "We're really encouraged by the generosity we're encountering," says Kelly. "For example, my investment club readily agreed to donate their January dues to the project. And a friend of a friend donated $10,000 anonymously. He had recently inherited some money and wanted to do some good with it. We were thrilled!"

The Oregon Food Bank currently serves hungry families in 18 locations throughout Oregon and SW Washington. If you can help, send your tax-deductible contribution to OFB/WJ, 2540 NE Riverside Way, Portland, OR 97211. To get actively involved, contact Jill Kelly at 503-235-2019 or

We thank you for your support in reaching the 7 and feeding the 8th.