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The Three Ingredients to Understanding Life
by Barbara Roland

Truly understanding the world around you is fundamental to achieving real happiness and a sense of well being. The idea of understanding is endlessly written about, spoken about, insisted upon, yet it seems that nowhere in all the discussion is understanding itself defined in such a way as to enable us to exercise and apply it with any consistency or real effectiveness.

A genuine understanding of personal relationships in the workplace, for example, will make ones job a pleasure. Absence of understanding, on the other hand, often leads only to turmoil, rebuke and public embarrassment, to say nothing of the loss of one's job and career.

An understanding of children (and parents) will make the difference between a successful and a failed family relationship.

Have you ever tried to talk with an angry man? Or a child throwing a tantrum? What do you do when you are forced to work with someone you simply don't like? How do you deal with a situation in which the other person just doesn't see what to you is a very obvious solution to handling a problem?

Knowing the basic ingredients or elements of understanding will greatly assist interpersonal relationships.

What are these ingredients?

  • The first is Affinity -- the degree of liking or affection for someone or something or the lack of it.
  • The second is Reality -- which, fundamentally, is agreement.
  • The third, and most important, is Communication -- the interchange, of ideas between two people.

These elements -- Affinity, Reality and Communication -- comprise what is called the ARC triangle and add up to understanding.

They are interdependent, one upon the other, and if one falls away the other two do so as well. Conversely, when one element rises, the other two rise with it.

Discovered by famed author L. Ron Hubbard, the ARC Triangle has many indispensable applications in improving one's condition in life. It answers the universal question of how to talk effectively to someone else: by applying the techniques of the triangle to identify a subject on which you and the other person can agree (Reality), affinity (liking) will increase and Communication (interchange) will improve as well.

The principle of the ARC triangle, along with more information about the doctrines of the Scientology religion, can be found in the book Theology & Practice of a Contemporary Religion. Call (503) 963-8121 for more information about this book and others written by L. Ron Hubbard.