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Experience Ta Ke Ti Na!
Rhythm for Evolution
by Debora Tramposh

Twice a year for the past 2 years, a group of 24 individuals from around the world have been gathering for a 15-day-long intensive rhythm training called Ta Ke Ti Na. The facilitator and founder of Ta Ke Ti Na, Reinhard Flatischler, has been bringing this unique and powerful rhythm process to the world for 30 years.

What is unique about Ta Ke Ti Na? It combines principles and techniques, not found in any other current education system, to facilitate a holistic way of learning—one that connects body, mind and soul by accessing the archetypal realm through rhythm, and utilizing one’s body as the instrument. In order to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world of rhythm archetypes is where the Ta Ke Ti Na learning process begins. One premise Ta Ke Ti Na holds is that our most profound learning occurs between chaos and order. Because Ta Ke Ti Na is done in a group circle, the individual can experience the chaos of “falling out” of rhythm, while at the same time sensing the shelter and support of the collective. Then, “falling back into” rhythm builds profound confidence that rhythm, and ultimately Life, is carrying us. Also present is the constant component of letting go, which creates a flexibility in the circle that allows for self-organization to emerge. Self-organization, found in any organic process, provides the power that guides the evolution of a system.

It has been very exciting (and a bit of a stretch!) for all of us at Still Meadow to host the first Ta Ke Ti Na Teacher Training to be held in the U.S. For me personally, hosting this training at Still Meadow has been a real privilege, as well as a challenge, because what each one has committed to in taking this journey is a very direct experience of what it means to be “in community”. It’s a living example of the perfect balance between the individual and the collective—how mutually empowering it is for both to exist together!

As this will be the final examination for this Teacher Training, we need the participation of the general public for the teachers to be able to take their final exams. This is a great opportunity for all who would like to experience Ta Ke Ti Na first hand to come the final session in March and join in the circle. Participation is FREE! You may attend as many sessions as you want; however registration is required. For more information, call Debora at 503/658-8793 or email