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Autobiography of a Spirit, by Don P. Ferrari
Reviewed by Russ Michael

(266 pages) $14.44 (White Cloud Publishing) USA

Autobiography of a Spirit, by Don P. Ferrari--is one of those uplifting books that sends your soul soaring and your mind tingling from beginning to end! It is the story of a human spirit (who chose to be a female this time) from before birth to the "growing up" period, told with the pure innocence of the inner spirit. This exciting story holds your interest and delight from beginning to end--leaving you with a grand, high feeling and wishing there were more pages to read or more story to unfold!

In the process, an incredibly wide range of spiritual and "hidden truths" is unveiled. It never "feels" like fiction, revealing so many "mysteries of life" in a light-hearted and wonderfully entertaining way.

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