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Coming Times
Part Two
by F. Joseph Montagna

In Part 1 of this article, I provided you with some revelations recently given by Archangel Michael regarding some of the extraordinary changes that will be occurring in the coming times. For those of you who did not have the opportunity to read Part 1 in the November/ December issue of Community ConneXion, you will find it at:

Financial Manipulation

Approximately 2 percent of humanity, called the central manipulators of our world, are extremely busy controlling the major integrated banking institutions that are interlaced among all nations. Through these superior computer capabilities, they eventually want to create major terminals that will control and maintain records of all the input and output of monies throughout all countries, even those that have previously maintained private banking accounts (such as offshore accounts).

The banking institutions have become the controllers of all finances through the use of electronic tracers such as ATM, credit, and debit cards. In the near future, cashing a personal check may require that you furnish both official identification and fingerprinting in order to avoid fraud. What is, in fact, actually occurring is that the financial manipulators are gradually moving you from a cash system to a cashless one that they will have complete control over. Since nearly all corporations and businesses have already become part of the cashless card system, paper money and coins are hardly accepted anymore for financial payments. Have you noticed this? Have you even been grateful for the change, and preferred the convenience of cards rather than cash?

In time, there will most likely be only one activated card that will store all personal information, including passports, work history, medical and dental records, vocational capabilities, as well as all financial transactions. The dangers associated with this trend must seem obvious to you, because there already exists a plan regarding the implementation of computer identification chips into animal necks and human hands and foreheads. We have also observed the development of voice recognition and iris scanning techniques. Although these technologies may be presented to you in a positive, benign manner as a form of protection, the truth of the matter is that the potential means for controlling entire societies is much closer than you think. Therefore, citizens throughout all countries around the world must stand forth in the light of their beings to protect their God-given freedoms, because freedom is required for spiritual self-mastery.

Another way in which these manipulators control the populace is to both create and benefit from fear and chaos. These central manipulators will take full advantage of every opportunity to expand their influence and control over all aspects of human life.

The most important human trait to employ at this time is that of common sense rather than fear or panic. For instance, since some of the commercial systems that you rely upon could be adversely affected by any of a number of world crises, wouldn’t it be prudent to have a 30-day supply of water, food and other essential necessities? In this way, you will have planned for your own (and your family’s) basic needs. It is unnecessary to horde food and water, but you should prepare yourself and your families for those intervals of breakdown that could occur. Preparation provides a sense of security, so prepare and DO NOT FEAR! The influence of fear is exactly what will create unfavorable shortages and ultimately a chain reaction in the increased prices of many products.

Whatever your experience becomes, remember that as a soul you chose to be in your particular location in order to experience whatever will happen, just as others must experience theirs. Many lightworkers will experience only a few minor problems, and others practically none at all, depending upon their mental and emotional purity. Regardless of where you live on this planet, we have all incarnated to experience these times of change in order to shift into a higher state of consciousness and beingness.

Therefore, trust in the reservoir of life, which is the eternal breath within you that guides and directs your existence and experience into the 21st Century. Changes will come and negative events may occur, but no one must despair and give up hope, even though there will be times when many will feel so inclined.

The angels and masters of the higher worlds are always with you, and will assist in your process of overcoming challenges and negativity. This is your moment to learn to use the gift of divine discernment, so go within and listen to the infinite voice, for it is the only voice that will give you the wisest guidance for every need and situation. Remember that challenges are stepping stones towards the development of inner listening, as well as for the awakening of your divine self, just as the Christ and others throughout your world have previously accomplished. These Lords of Light were also following their inner guidance during their own challenging times as a model for those of you on Earth to do the same.

So have courage. The time is ripe for the veil to be fully raised and for you to take up your rightful place in the galactic community. Yes, there will be fear, but people will eventually come to realize that nothing is fixed in stone—and yet they survive. When the earth beneath you is rocking, you accept the light in the skies more easily. When nothing is as it was, there is less to lose. When everything you ever believed in is gone, there is room for something new!

The Medical Syndicate

Since most people do not understand the extraordinary value and intricacies of their physical body, their health may suffer due to poor choices in food and other destructive habits. When they are not responsible for growing their own healthy food, they entrust their lives to those that are the providers. The failure of humanity to eat and live responsibly creates ill health, even though our religious teachings have outlined health behaviors that are more appropriate. Unfortunately, too few follow them.

In America today, you are continuously tormented by many degenerative diseases that require stringent health support. Many of us have relinquished our personal power with life-threatening results that are costly in both physical suffering and financial loss. Society’s answer to these health problems has been to create a monopoly of medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other related institutions who have organized expensive health care systems that have, for the most part, failed the citizenry. These systems have capitalized upon the misery and suffering of those who have fallen ill, due to the variety of diseases, ailments, maladies, and terminal conditions of various kinds. Whether deliberately or accidentally, the monopoly has not honored its ethical code.

Many of the physicians who practice medicine have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath that commits them to “do no harm” in terms of the treatments that they administer as healers. In addition to the ignorance of some physicians, there are those who deliberately set up unnecessary operations, tests, x-rays and other expensive procedures in order to make money for their own self-gain. In America, there are insufficient provisions made for its citizens’ health care. Medical corporations, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies control health decisions, and are some of the largest financial monopolies in our world today. Ask yourself and your representatives what ethical codes are currently employed by pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

The horrific costs of pharmaceutical drugs that impact both individuals and the nation are causing declining care, patient pain and misery, and financial hardship. Therefore, much personal suffering and financial worry exist among the people in America, and in many other countries as well.

Since insurance groups are operated for profit, they institute regulations in order to assure financial gain. This means that some people cannot obtain adequate treatment if they are only covered by ‘for-profit’ insurance companies. These insurance regulations generally stipulate that alternative or holistic treatments are not covered at all. Furthermore, insurance companies often will not insure those doctors who use holistic methods of healing, such as herbology, radionics, magnetic healing, imagery healing, crystal and gemstone therapies, sound and tone healing, and many other forms of therapy. Some are beginning to cover alternative treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathy and hypnosis. The major issue that looms before technological societies is preventative health care through the use of a healing lifestyle that utilizes more natural healing substances and techniques that are offered by alternative health practices. After all, many of these natural remedies have been the preferred tradition throughout the world for countless centuries, and remain so today in many countries outside of the United States.

Our right to privacy is one of the most cherished freedoms that humans can have, and it is being taken away in many walks of life at this time. Our right to privacy regarding our medical records is being usurped as they are now being distributed into massive data bases. Drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies, and some employers seek to secure medical information regarding your genetic history and previous illnesses in order to avoid the costs of providing adequate treatment.

However, we must honor those wonderful physicians who do have compassion for the sick, and who truly wish to help these unfortunate people. Some doctors are now attempting to remove themselves from these rigid controls, and are establishing their own healing centers where they may be free to diagnose and choose the appropriate course of treatments and payment.

As you may have already observed, the medical manipulators do not want people to have the freedom to choose the Earth’s natural healing agents, which of themselves cannot be patented. Herbs, vitamins and organic foods possess healing properties that are appropriate for good health, as well as for the prevention of degenerative diseases. Since products in health food stores are becoming increasingly popular, so-called “traditional” medicine is now attempting to legally control what can be sold in health food stores without a prescription. As people continue to separate from the medical establishment’s control, more holistic methods of healing will appear as a viable solution to those degenerative diseases that are now running rampant. It is hoped that the costs of vitamins, herbs, and other alternative methods will not become another materialistic manipulation of the sick and poor.

Biological Warfare

Scientists on Earth have also begun to experiment with deadly toxins, viruses, nerve gas, and other dangerous substances that have been created. Although Americans view other nations as the potential threat in the use of these weapons, there are military secrets that we know little about. These various substances that scientists have created, and are still experimenting with, are designed to wipe out not just the military, but the general population (and even humanity’s food and water supplies). The military is currently in the developmental stages of even greater mechanisms of disaster.

I truly urge you to become more aware of what your government, scientists and military services are doing (such as the spraying of chemtrails throughout the skies of America for the past 18 months or so), and I further implore those who are the creators of such biological and chemical horrors to desist from these activities. Human law, government, and political actions are either supportive or non-supportive to human life and spiritual integrity.

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