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A Journey to Self-Discovery
What is Your Life Purpose and Why is it Important?
by Richard Unger, Director, International Institute of Hand Analysis

Whether hidden or known, your Life Purpose is the guiding principle behind the events of your life, the voice of your destiny calling out to you from your soul. Your Life Purpose is that which brings satisfaction at the deepest possible level. More than a goal or set of goals, beyond right livelihood, your Live Purpose is your reason for being, your highest potential expressing itself naturally and powerfully in all that you do. Finding it is the single most important thing you can do in life.

Consider this: If you knew your Reason for Being, would you have the courage to live it?

Years ago, I met a remarkable man, a well-known healer and shaman from South America. This is the true story about how he discovered his Life Purpose. At the age of sixteen, long before his special abilities had surfaced, he had a dream that was so vivid it woke him in the middle of the night. In this dream a guide came to him and showed him a picture of an old man surrounded by smiling children. He was told to look carefully at the picture and remember it, because this was his Life Purpose: to assist children who have no one else to help them. Although deeply moved, the young man could make no sense of the dream, and it soon receded into the corner of his mind.

Five years later, while walking down a side street, he heard an infant crying from inside a nearby garbage dump. There, wrapped in rags, was an abandoned baby boy. Shocked and confused, he picked up the child, and looking into his eyes, remembered the dream from years before. Not knowing what else to do, he took the baby home, and so began a journey that would change his life.

Months passed. Incredibly, he came across another infant in similar circumstances. What else could he do? He took this child home as well. Word of his caring and compassion spread, and within a few years his household of orphaned children had grown to five, eventually evolving into a center with dozens of abandoned boys and girls.

Now, over forty years later, that first child from the garbage dump has become the doctor of that center. And the boy who had dreamed his Life Purpose is the old man of the photograph, surrounded by smiling children.

The shaman had been very fortunate; he had been given a map that brought structure and meaning to his existence. But where did his prophetic dream come from? Was it a message from a higher, more aware part of him, a function of some deeper inner intelligence? If so, must we too have the special powers of the shaman to unlock the secrets of our own Life Purpose?

Look around you. Too many people work at jobs with little or no satisfaction, disregarding our universal need to contribute to something greater than ourselves, to connect to our soul, our spirituality, and its expression point in each of us in the form of our Life Purpose.

The fact that you are reading these words suggests you too are searching. Fortunately, it turns out our Life Purpose is at our fingertips. According to Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of Dermatoglyphics, our Life Purpose Map was printed on our bodies as fingerprints, five months before we were born. He has developed a system to show how, by looking at your fingerprints, you can see a coded picture of the person you had always intended to be.

The Navajo Indians have a saying about fingerprints: “The Great Spirit breathes in the breath of life, and the tracks of that breath become our fingerprints.” How elegant, our Life Purpose Map is literally at our fingertips.

Richard Unger began his career in Hand Analysis in 1969 and has since examined over 50,000 pairs of hands. He founded the International Institute of Hand Analysis near San Francisco in 1985 to expand the role of hand analysis in personal and planetary growth.