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Is the Man always Right?
Or is it Only the Woman's Self Sabotaging Mind Programs
by Linda Perdue with Rio Halse

It began with a split front tire on my dirt bike. Both my husband and I are Reiki Masters in our 50’s and 60’s. Riding motorcycles in the dirt is fun for us and a great way to get “grounded.” I also consider it a good form of meditation because If a rider is not fully present in the moment (in the body) he or she will most likely crash and that’s not much fun!

The flat tire was on my KX-80 motorcycle with its 6 speed 175 Yamaha engine. My partner/husband Roi Halse built these special lightweight motorcycles in his machine shop. The day that he replaced the tire, we rode around where the ground was soft and a little muddy, and I did not notice any difference in the new tire. Roi asked me, “How’s the tire?” and I said, “It works great! Thank you!” I never thought of it again.

The next day we went on a longer trip on some logging roads. You can ride for miles without seeing a house or public roads. In the area we were riding that day there were lots of rocks and hard surfaces. I noticed my wrists were hurting from the pounding of the bike on the rough road filled with large rocks, but I didn’t complain. Then my body, my buttocks, and my legs also were feeling very tired. Very unusual, I thought to myself, I must be out of shape, I must practice more. I began to stand up more on the foot pegs of the bike using my legs as springs. That seemed to ease the bumps. When we got home we found 3 bolts missing and a broken motor mount on the bike. That proved it was a rough ride! It was really weird that I didn’t complain.

It never occurred to me that my front tire had too much air. It had 35 pounds of pressure instead of the usual 7 pounds it requires. On hard surfaces that makes the bike bounce like one of those high bouncing balls. I’m a good rider and we ride fast. Roi has won many MC trophies and international medals; he’s no slow poke. Thinking back I must be an excellent rider, too, because I was able to stay on the trail with all the bouncing around I did.

Now comes the Mind Trip that drew my attention to the male myth. The scenario is: The Man, the mechanic fixed the bike therefore the motorcycle must be okay. So, therefore, I am NOT okay - I must be somehow at fault. Now I know I am more than Okay, and I don’t know where this mind program came from. It was hiding and this ride brought it out in the open.

These are mental excuses invented by the mind to support the male myth and hide the real facts. Some of the programs going through my mind were: Women are not to complain. Women must suffer in silence. Because you are a woman you must try harder. Women must endure. If things are not working properly it must somehow be your fault. You must be out of condition, you need more exercise, you are really out of shape physically.

When we got back home I casually mentioned to Roi that I was really tired and my bike seemed to be harder to ride. It’s usually very easy to ride. Roi seemed to get very interested and kept asking questions. “What was wrong with your bike?”

“Maybe my shocks are not working?” I answered.

“Which ones?”

“The front ones.” I never ever thought it was the tire. If I had mentioned it during the ride, it would have been very simple to let a little air out of the tire.

“Why didn’t you check my work? You knew I replaced your tire.” He was getting angry at me for not telling him when I was in pain.

These were good questions, but I didn’t have an answer until some time later next day. While driving to town to get supplies these self-sabotaging sub-programs of the mind began to reveal themselves to me. I got so excited that I could hardly drive while I was making notes on the side of a cardboard box.

Once we can see any of these problems, it is fairly easy to clear them. The secret is to find out that there is a problem. Then we can do something about it. Interfacing with the subconscious mind we can change the mind programs and stop repeating the same old limiting behavior, which, in many cases, has been set in motion many lifetimes ago. If it has not been healed it’s still adversely affecting the outcome of all our endeavors. Old or useless self-sabotaging programs, including those from friends and family, affect our lives big time. Unless these programs are ferreted out and erased they are always running in the background, affecting our beliefs, therefore shaping our reality.

You must find and eliminate the root cause or the problem may return.

The myth that “the male is always right” was in my 9th lifetime back. I brought it up to the present moment in my subconscious and asked for it to be released. I released these self-sabotaging beliefs and energized the situation with the positive affirmations: “I am whole and complete.” “I am always lead by Spirit to the correct action.” “I only accept beneficial beliefs that will lead me to even more joy and freedom.”

I realized that the flat tire was not an accident! It set the stage for an interaction with Roi, my mind, and me. It had to be dramatic enough to get my attention, to make me feel the feelings and find the hidden program still running and controlling my life. Thank you, God, for another experience in consciousness.

Linda Perdue and Roi Halse are Reiki Masters, discovers of Cosmic Energetic Healing™ and Laser Reiki™, an advanced form of energy healing with the hands, teachers and business consultants. For more information, call 1360-748-4426, or write CEH, c/o 1673 S. Market #143, Chehalis, Washington [98532] or E-mail: