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The Eagle and the Condor
Open letter from Linda Neale,
Executive Director, Earth and Spirit Council

The Earth & Spirit Council has the privilege to participate in the realization of one of the most potent prophecies of our time: the coming together of the 'Eagle and the Condor.' This is the next phase in the journey that Earth & Spirit began with Flavio Santi's presentation at the "Natural Way: Indigenous Voices" Series which presents an indigenous elder each month to speak to the question: "What are the most important teachings from your tradition regarding sustainable living; living in balance with the Earth?" Most of the teachers who have been presented have been indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest. But in May 2000, we had the rare opportunity to host Flavio Santi, a Quichwa/Shuar Indian from the Amazon region of Ecuador, who has been active in organizing the indigenous people of his region to save their rain forest home from destruction by petroleum companies. Flavio is president of the Wanduk Yachay Foundation and president of the Organization of Indian Peoples of Pastaza (his province in the Ecuadorean Amazon).

Flavio spoke and met with North American Indian people and participated in ceremonies with important elders. They exchanged myths and songs, and participated in many ceremonies, including a Lakota Sun Dance. At this ceremony Flavio was presented with eagle and condor feathers, and he recounted his people's story of the meeting of the Eagle and the Condor -- the union of the Native spirit of North and South.

The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor stretches back thousands of years to the first great civilizations of Central and South America when Pachakamak (God of Time) created Inti (sun) and Quilla (moon) from the merging of its tears. From this came the Runas (the People) and the Eagle and Condor. The Runas have experienced many difficult times since the "creation", but the Prophecy states that when the People work, search and persevere in their quest for liberation, the Eagle and the Condor, the symbols of North and South respectively, will come together, and their tears will merge, cleanse the People's wounds, strengthen them and give birth to a new spirit which will unite all the Peoples of North, Central and South America.

Flavio had had no prior knowledge about indigenous peoples of North America, but as he heard the histories of how lands were lost, communities shattered, cultures and languages destroyed, sacred places violated, he recognized the parallels between this process and what has now begun to happen to his people in the Amazon rain forest.

For a people such as the Native people of the Amazon, who are facing the beginning of this process, discovering the story of another Native people who have been down this road and managed to survive against all odds was inspiring and valuable. It was also inspiring for local Native Americans to learn that indigenous cultures survive in the Amazon basin. As a local Native person said after meeting Flavio,

"It gives us strength to know that there are Indians who are still living in freedom, who are still living the sacred way of life which was forcibly taken away from us but whose values are still at the heart of our spirit."

Earth & Spirit Council has been invited by Flavio and the People of the Amazon to participate in bringing together the Eagle and the Condor by taking the Elders that had ceremony with Flavio here to his village of Amazanga in Ecuador. There the Elders of the North (the Eagle) and the Elders of the South (the Condor) will join in ceremony and exchange knowledge in the sacred tradition of the 'Eagle and the Condor'.

Earth & Spirit would like to extend to you the opportunity to participate in the fulfillment of this great prophecy. This momentous event cannot happen without the participation of many people, from both North and South, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. For, as Flavio said in his talk, “we are all one people.” Earth & Spirit will need to collect $7500 by mid January in order to send the Elders and an interpreter to Amazanga.

There are plans to bring Flavio to Portland again next year, hopefully accompanied by an elder shaman from his village. Flavio's people also hope to create a "natural university" in the rainforest to help share their ecological, shamanic, and medicinal knowledge with the world, Indians and non-Indians alike. The exchange of Elders between North and South is the first step in this process.

Please join with us in this great event by giving a donation to The Eagle & Condor - Elder's Travel fund. Since we have little time in which to gather the funds, we would appreciate large donations, although any amount is appreciated. Please make your check payable to Earth & Spirit Council and send it to: 6200 SW Virginia #210, Portland, OR 97201. Your donation is tax deductible (Tax Id # 93-1077251).

Thank you for your care and support,

If you would like more information regarding Earth & Spirit Council or the Eagle & Condor - Elders' Exchange Fund, please call 503-452-4483 or visit our website at

 Note: An email list, called Wayusa (after a plant that the Native people of the Ecuadorean Amazon drink daily in order to promote clarity of dreaming) has been created for supporters of Flavio's people. Information on it can be found at, and subscription via email to