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Astrology Shifts for 2001

Changing Relationship Paradigms

Mark Dodich

Divine Discontent will be strong during the first half of 2001. Divine Discontent is that feeling deep within that tells you it is time for a change. You may not know what that change is, but you know with every fiber of your being that you are on the brink of its manifestation. You are being stimulated to call forth a greater part of your spirit into your physical world. Relationships will be a key activation point for this Divine Discontent through July.

The New Year begins sandwiched between the Capricorn Solar Eclipse of December 25th and the Cancer Lunar Eclipse on January 9, 2001. This dynamic, yet introspective, period will set the tone for the next ten months. Cancer calls for emotional security and nurturing. Capricorn strives to build solid foundations and worldly security. The first shift that occurs in the new millennium is that you change your attitude about the relationship of yourself to your world.

The quest until October is to manifest a healthy balance between Cancer's need for personal nourishment and the great Capricorn projects you need to build for society. You would serve yourself well to look at areas of your life that are out of balance in terms of self-fulfillment vs. worldly activities you think you have to do to survive. You are in control of your own reality, and now is the time to establish your priorities. Your guardian angels will have to handle the details of how to bring your priorities into manifestation.

Early January is a time of exploring your vision regardless of practicality. Write your wildest vision of how you see yourself on a pad of paper. Make a list for 2001 and another for where you see yourself in 2003 when revolutionizing Uranus moves into Pisces. Don't worry about being unrealistic. There will be plenty of time for pragmatism later. If you simply try to work harder this year, you will most likely add to your burden rather than propelling yourself towards your goals.

The second relationship shift occurs between Feb. 4-25 when the communications planet, Mercury, is retrograde in visionary Pisces and freedom-seeking Aquarius. Since February is known for the romance of Valentine's Day, and Mercury retrograde is known for communications challenges, expect to review and revise your relationships. Where are you and/or your partner off in illusions? Where are you energetically blocking yourself from manifesting the quality relationships (romantic, family, or business) that you deserve to experience?

February is a month to communicate your partnership needs in a way that is both visionary and honest. Remember that relationships with other people are only as good as the relationship you have with yourself. The New Year will help you find clarity on this issue.

"Spring Fever" will be strong this year. This is because two of the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, will be moving retrograde between April and July. When a planet provides the optical illusion of moving backwards, extra attention is focused on the nature of that planet.

It would not be a surprise this Spring to see the break-up of relationships that are not on solid ground. Single people who seek relationship will be breaking through behaviors that do not support healthy relationships. The danger will be to avoid relationships formed out of loneliness, a state of mind and emotion that believes it needs someone else to fill in what is missing.

It is better to seek partnerships from a state of aloneness. In aloneness, you recognize that you are a complete child of Creation. In this state, bringing a partner into your life adds together to be greater than the sum of the parts. In the former state of loneliness, the energy of the two people added together totals to less than two, or a state popularly known as co-dependence.

More will be discussed on love-seeking Venus and assertive Mars retrograde in the next issue of Community ConneXion. For now, know that the fiery and passionate signs of Aries and Sagittarius are activated. Venus in Aries will stimulate you to pioneer new paths in the way you do relationships. Mars in Sagittarius requires you to be honest with yourself and willing to take a risk on actually creating the reality you deserve to live.

In summary, there are introspective and interruption-oriented eclipses as well as planets shifting directions through next July. It is important to stop and review your personal priorities for the year ahead. It is not simply enough to "do what you have to do." 2001 is a year when you can begin to manifest core soul desires and dreams. Strengthen your relationship with yourself and all your relationships in life will fall into their highest order. It is a great year in the making, especially if you like change.

Mark Dodich has been an Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association and provides consultations and workshops internationally. Call for his free newsletter 503.252.1558 or visit his website at