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Weight Loss Through Hypnotherapy
by Geoffrey Knight
Geoffrey Knight

If you are overweight, you have plenty of company. A survey carried out recently by the National Health and Nutrition Survey states that 58 million adult Americans in the twenty to seventy-four age group are overweight. Overall, about one in five Americans are overweight. A former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, said "the number one public health crisis today is obesity." More than one in five children aged 6 through 17 are overweight, and the number of overweight youths in this age group totals 4.7 million.

Although the weight loss industry currently makes in excess of $40 billion a year, it has up to now lacked the fundamental clinical understanding of the problem of weight control. "Fad" and "Quick" weight loss programs provide only temporary reduction in weight and can be dangerous for individuals with health problems. Furthermore, surveys estimate that the failure rate of these "quick diet" programs is as much as 95%!

Obesity is linked to chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms of cancer, all of which can cause premature death. But what the studies don't show is the emotional cost to the individual.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help people to lose weight and maintain a sensible weight thereafter. However, to lose and maintain your ideal weight there are three further elements:

  • you must take some exercise daily;
  • you need to follow a sensible eating program of good and healthy food;
  • and in order to create any change in your life, you have to provide COMMITMENT.

Most of the clients I treat for weight loss have an emotional issue underlying their weight problem. Hypnosis is one of the best and fastest ways of getting to it. Typically tension and frustration are common causes of over eating such as domestic upsets, lack of self esteem, fatigue, sexual problems, and economic worries; but there are many other sources of tension, and some of these can be deep rooted in the past. In my opinion, it is essential to find the original cause of the problem and then get your unconscious mind to reframe that event or situation, so that your fundamental belief system relating to over eating (which is lodged in your unconscious mind) is changed permanently.

You have to let yourself think "I am attractive" and "I am slender." Feeling good about who you are is all about commitment to yourself. Change your internal dialogue by telling yourself you are slender and talk to yourself about positive affirmations of what you are in the process of achieving. Hypnosis is not a magical wand. You have to make the effort of bringing about changes in your life and to take responsibility for your actions in life.

I get clients to put down in writing ten reasons why they want to lose weight. I then ask them to set a goal of 'X' pounds of weight loss over a specific period of time. The goals should be obtainable and specific, and the levels of weekly weight loss reasonable, as you will find that the graph will oscillate and not necessarily go down each week.

To reach your ideal size and weight, you have to choose to form new eating habits. You will need to make appropriate choices of good healthy foods in moderate amounts, and eat only when you are physiologically in need of food -- and you must allow this pattern to become a habit. There is no reason why you should not eat five times a day in moderate amounts, and you should, at all costs, avoid a large meal in the evening within two hours before going to bed. Use your common sense and eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. By reducing or eliminating the consumption of red meat, dairy products, salt, sugar and processed foods, your weight will decrease and your energy and vitality will increase.

What about exercising? You don't need to join an expensive gym and undertake excessive physical exercise. A quick walk for twenty minutes a day, exercising arms as you walk, is in most cases adequate exercise.

Most importantly you need to make the commitment to keep telling yourself you are achieving your slimming goals, and this is done by self hypnosis every morning or evening for fifteen to twenty minutes. Self hypnosis is easily taught, under hypnosis initially, and then if practiced regularly will help you return to a healthy human being with a prospect of an energetic and happy life.

Geoffrey Knight is a clinical hypnotherapist with a practice in Northwest Portland, and can be reached at 503-246-7300, or e-mail Web site: