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Ta Ke Ti Na Returns to Portland

Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler return to Portland in March for another stimulating Ta Ke Ti Na Workshop at Still Meadow Community. Ta Ke Ti Na is a radical new way of learning and understanding rhythm, not only for professional musicians, but also for those who consider themselves musically challenged.

"Primal rhythmic knowledge is passed down through all the generations. We've never actually lost access to rhythm; at least, that's how I approach it. I wasn't born in an African culture; I wasn't born in a Balinese village -- I was born in Vienna, where drums have not really been an issue. So for myself I had to find my way back and question, 'Is this drumming that I'm doing relevant for people, or is it just exotic?' What I discovered was that people could fall into their own rhythmic knowledge," says Flatischler.

Although he studied piano with Bruno Seidlhofer at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, Flatischler discovered the lure of the drum during 15 years of study with premier drumming masters in Asia, Africa, Latin America, India, Cuba, Brazil and Korea. "What amazed me around the world," commented Flatischler, "was that I always ran into teachers who combined the value that music had for your daily life with the evolution of your personality. It was really an intense thing to find, and to be exposed to, in so many entirely different worlds."

Ta Ke Ti Na is a musical group process that dissolves behavior patterns that inhibit life and relationships, as well as leading to a deep relaxation and vitalization of the nervous system and body rhythms. During the workshop, the body itself is the primal instrument; clapping and the voice unfold ever-changing new rhythms while the steps, supported by a drum, remain unchanged. "In Ta Ke Ti Na," he explains, "I expose people to a certain rhythm and anchor this rhythm, and then I introduce a new layer at a second level that you can't do voluntarily. You have to hear it -- a movement in the steps and an entirely polyrhythmic movement in the claps." He continues, "One is a stabilizing power, and one is a destabilizing power, and you bring them together simultaneously...The first step will be that you encounter yourself while you're falling out; that means you encounter your voices of fear of anger, control, whatever is there for each individual. And because it happens again and again, you transform those voices gradually, and as they become silent you fall into the caring power of rhythm...all of a sudden you will be doing all three, like clapping, stepping and voice at the same time. As this occurs, you are able to stay on a level of performance you have never done before, because you are connected with your core, you are connected with your innate rhythm knowledge."

Learning rhythm and music with the Ta Ke Ti Na process means learning for life. Everything that hinders our life is reflected in rhythmic disabilities and can be transformed by the rhythmic evolution that unfolds in Ta Ke Ti Na. Realms in life that have been separated start to cooperate: emotions and rational thoughts, intuitive feelings and cognitive action, passivity and activity, outer movements and inner silence. The mind calms and an encounter with the inner self becomes possible.

Reinhard Flatischler developed Ta Ke Ti Na in 1970. He has influenced European music, dance and therapy scenes. In Germany, research has been done into using the Ta Ke Ti Na process to control pain. The process is also used in a German women's prison and in several music conservatories. His trainings, lectures, workshops and concerts have made such an impact that he has been called the "Ambassador of the World Language Rhythm." He has released several CD's with the group MegaDrums, including Schinore (1985), Coreana (1988), World Language Rhythm, Ta Ke Ti Na (1990), Drumming Together (1993) and Layers of Time (1996) with such artists as Pandit Arjun Shejwal (India), Duddu Tucci (Brazil), SamulNori (Korea), Aja Addy (Ghana), Leonard Eto (Japan), Milton Cardona (Puerto Rico) and Glen Valez (US). He has published a book, The Forgotten Power of Rhythm detailing his Ta Ke Ti Na work.

Cornelia Flatischler has co-led Ta Ke Ti Na workshops and trainings for more than seven years. She is trained in classical music and holds certifications in NLP, Tao Yoga and Tai Chi. As a certified "Advanced Rhythm Teacher," she conducts her own Ta Ke Ti Na workshops as well.

This year's Portland Ta Ke Ti Na workshop will take place March 10th-12th at Still Meadow Community. Cost for the weekend will be $250.00, with meal and lodging packages available. For more information or registration please contact Cedar Mountain Drums at (503) 235-6345, or e-mail Check our website for updated information: