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Sacred Circles:
Astrology, Feng Shui, Medicine Wheel

by Carol Roland, MA

The Sacred Circles found throughout ancient religions are mandalas, reminders to the soul of its own energy and purpose. Each of these circles emphasize the soul's journey to this earth plane and the lessons to be obtain during this lifetime. I attempt to share the messages found for the personality in one or more of these circles when assisting others to become consciously aware of their soul journey on this plane. Truth is found repeated in each.

Continuing a life long search for the common denominators in all spiritual beliefs, the search for the correlations of astrology, the Ba Gua wheel of Feng Shui and medicine wheels has led to an increased understanding of each. Although current astrology wheels are based on the concept of twelve houses, the earlier wheels, the medicine wheel, contained the four directions and four winds of change found in both Celtic and Native American Medicine Wheels. The wind of change or midpoint of each astrology quadrant reveals a significant point of integration of the energy. This concept can also be applied while walking though a home and using Feng Shui concepts to point out to the inhabitants the energy flow and life issues.

Observation and tradition designated a specific life area for each direction within each of these three wheels. In comparison, the meanings of each do not conflict but supply additional understanding of the energy. The natal astrology wheel reflects a picture of the attitudes of the soul when it entered this earth plane. Looking at the progressed astrology chart and the condition of the current residence allows the soul to consciously see an outward picture of their internal attitudes and the progress, if any, in learning the specific life lessons. Feng Shui enhancement rituals and medicine wheel meditation rituals assist in making the changes to the attitudes. These changes can then be followed by the desired manifestations in the physical realm.

The astrology chart is an important starting point to begin to understand the soul energy, attitudes, and life purpose. It is a blueprint, a holographic photo, taken of specific heavenly points at the precise time and place of birth. The concept of life path astrology interpretation relies on a belief that:

  1. The soul exists before its first physical breath on Earth and will continue to exist after that last breath in physical form.
  2. At its core the soul manifests perfect balance of all energy present in the universe. It is a spark of the perfect God energy.
  3. The reference to the fall of angels, or soul, is the separation of the soul from the unity of the center. Ego developed with an over identification to some energies and denial of others. Thus an imbalance was created.
  4. To return to balance and the God Center, lessons became necessary to assist the soul with needed attitude adjustments.
  5. A lifetime or lifetimes on earth are opportunities for soul growth as one would partake in an exercise in a classroom to role play, thus learning through experience.
  6. For the soul to come into physical form it must enter at a time and place that most matches its own energy and desire for lessons to be learned.
  7. The symbol for the sun is a dot representing the soul surrounded by a circle representing the ego. When entering physical life on earth, the sun sign (time of the year) will represent the particular traits with which the soul is currently over identifying.
  8. The lifetime on earth is like a play with a script that identifies the goal lesson, sub-lessons, characters, sets, and progression of events to accomplish the goals.
  9. The natal astrology chart reveals in symbolic form the introduction to the script; the progression of the chart gives page by page the specific scenes toward the final goal.
  10. The sun (soul surrounded by ego) is the lead actor/actress in the play designed as a lesson for its own attitude soul center.
  11. The chart contains a description of this (soul/ ego) actor/actress and its predominant attitudes found the sun sign, the signs of planets representing specific energy expressions, and the aspects representing cooperative every flow between each expression.
  12. The task for adjustment through role playing is found in the description of the main play character as describe in the ascendant, the signs ruling various segments of life, and the planet energy expressions.
  13. The time and place of birth are picked by the soul when the energy most matches the description of the personality and physical body of the lead play character and the script for this life play.
  14. Astrology is also based on a universal law of synchronicity -- as above, so below. The personality character and play for the soul's growth will be reflected in attitudes and events currently predominant in the world and the specific place and time of birth.

The ancient term for Feng Shui was Kan Yu which means, "Raise the head and observe the sky above. Lower the head and observe the environment around you." This concept is often quoted in astrology using the phrase, "as above, so below." The current term "Feng Shui" is literally interpreted as wind/water. In astrology and in tarot, these elements represent conscious mind and unconscious mind (emotions). Combining the wheels of Astrology, Feng Shui, and the Medicine Wheels as tools for reading the unconscious issues allows the person to awaken to the challenges that are part of their life path and purpose. You learn to be able to walk in both worlds, experiencing events while at the same time acting as observer. Living consciously assists the person to overcome the discomfort related to their physical incarnation by understanding the greater picture and recognizing the steps needed to navigate through their life maze.

Carol Roland, MA, RN is a new member of the ConneXion community. She has just relocated to the Portland area from Nevada where she was actively practicing as both a registered nurse and an Astrology/Feng Shui consultant and lecturer. As an ordained minister, she will now be available for individual spiritual counseling and workshops in the Portland area. She can be reached by telephone at (775) 285-4842 or email at