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What's New

The Community ConneXion team is growing! You may have noticed Miriam Knight's articles in this and recent issues. We are pleased to announce that Miriam has joined us at Community ConneXion as Contributing Editor for both the publications and the Web. Miriam comes to us from London and brings real strength to the team, particularly in the area of health and wellness. She comes from a background of business administration in science and health and is herself an established energy therapist.

We have added a new column to our pages called Food in the Raw. It will feature recipes and articles from or about people experienced in the benefits of raw food dining. We have personally tasted the gardenburger recipe in this issue and can vouch for it as being totally delicious! And if you are looking for cookbooks or food processing equipment, particularly if you are going over to raw foods, you will find the best selection in town at Mirador. Their store in southeast Portland also provides a range of non-toxic and natural products for the home. Give Lynn or Steve Hanrahan a call on (503) 231 5175. If you walk, bus or bike over there, you'll even get a discount.

Have you been wanting to link up with like-minded people, but can't find the time to squeeze in another commitment? A forum or newsgroup on Community ConneXion Online could be the answer. We have been exploring dozens of news lists and moderated forums, and will be linking to some of the best. Check out the new Alternative Health Care List under Health ConneXion and for those who yearn for a 'proper cuppa' (like Miriam) try the Tea for Everyone list under the Feel Good ConneXion. If you have a pet topic that you think would appeal to our readers and would like to moderate a newsgroup, please contact Miriam on (503) 222 9400 or e-mail us at editor@connexion. org.

Mark Your Calendars

We have made a massive commitment to new technology and the ideas are coming thick and fast. There's a sense of excitement as we see science fiction becoming reality. Our first live online Internet seminar is scheduled for March 22nd at 7.00 p.m. PST. Gregg Braden, author and subject of our cover story, will join us via the Internet for a one-hour interactive question and answer session. We are really grateful to Gregg for making this time available to Community ConneXion readers, because we know that in the same week he is scheduled to be on Oprah Winfrey's and David Letterman's shows.

All you have to do to participate is to log on to our website, get the password from the homepage and go to the online Chat Room. It will be linked under: chat.html. We know you will be as fascinated by what Gregg has to say as we are.

Good News

Good news for all you procrastinators - we have decided to bow to popular demand and extend the deadline for advertising in the Wholistic Resource Guide annual directory to the end of January. We hope this will also give those of you who are reviewing your budgets at the end of the year the opportunity to take advantage of our dynamite combination of the Wholistic Resource Guide and the Internet.

New Members

There is a new spiritual counselor in town who uses a dynamite combination of Astrology, Feng Shui and Medicine Wheels, demonstrating a deep understanding of their origins and applications. Using the rich perspective she has gained from the synthesis of these traditions, Carol Roland uses these tools for reading the unconscious issues that complicate life's maze. She helps people understand the greater picture, gently guiding them along their path. See Carol's lead article.

Did you think tea was only something you drink? Not according to Yolanda Dvorshak, who creates her own blends at the Tea Cottage. You can 'tea-dye' fabrics, create instant 'antique' documents or give your plants a boost by treating them to your leftover tea-leaves. Just mix used leaves (not the bag) into houseplant or garden soil. Roses apparently love it! If you'd like to sample some of Yolanda's delicious teas or are looking for someone to cater a Victorian style Tea Party ring her on (503) 262 1935.

If you are feeling stressed out in Beaverton, make your way to Anew Relaxation and Wellness Center 12175 SW 2nd Street. Robin Leonhard and the staff will welcome you to a gracious atmosphere of music and aroma therapy. They offer Yoga, Massage, NLP counseling, Reiki, energy work and Guided Relaxation and Hypnotherapy. You can get gift certificates for your friends or pick up nurturing products at their gift shop. You can ring for an appointment on (503) 469-0403.