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Sunspots and Seven-Planet Alignment Changing Your Reality
by Mark Dodich

Mark Dodich

Whether you are seeking worldly wealth, loving relationships, or enlightenment, the first six months of 2000 will support you in manifesting your clear intent. Many people spent 1999 clearing the decks of outdated values and old behavior patterns.

The Universe probably tested you and asked you to say "been there, done that, and not going to do it again." The year 2000 asks you, "what do you really want, and into what are you willing to put constructive, long-term effort?"

The New Year may not really get rolling until after January 11th when Saturn, the planet representing delays, turns direct. Think back to projects and ideas put on hold at last August's Total Solar Eclipse. This will give you a hint about refreshed energy available to you during the eclipses of Jan. 21st and Feb. 5th.

Two items will be big in the news during the first half of 2000 --

1) the peaking influence of solar flares, and
2) the May 3rd alignment of seven planets in the stabilizing sign of Taurus.

Solar Flares, or sunspots, send out waves of solar wind after they explode from the sun. These electrically charged particles jiggle the earth's magnetic field. They will be at an 11-year high during 2000. Traditional (read stuck-in-mediocrity) scientists tell us that there is no effect on humans by the increasing magnetic particles bouncing off our atmosphere. New research tends to disagree.

Dr. Baker of Manchester University did research suggesting that humans have an internal clock and compass, and that disrupting the human magnetic field disrupted these internal senses. Northwestern University research on mudsnails and turtles showed that sea creatures followed daily magnetic variation. Can we leap to the possibility that our collective sense of direction will change?

Here is where extra discernment is required. Metaphysics suggests that magnetics affect the pituitary and pineal gland. In metaphysics, common philosophy suggests that the pituitary gland has to do with instincts and control issues. Although you may have worked through your control issues, you probably know someone who has not! If the increased magnetic storms jiggle your pituitary gland, then you will have the opportunity to release your control issues. It has also been suggested that the pituitary gland could be less dominant, returning to a subtle, automatic operation.

In metaphysics, the pineal gland is thought to work with the senses including intuition. Metaphysics suggests that the more you open to your soul, the better the pineal gland is able to operate in your daily life. This is because the controlling pituitary is relegated to the back burner of your life. You are not trying to control your reality, which means that you release lack of prosperity, fear of success/failure, and other issues of your lower mind.

Stimulating the pineal gland could open you to greater intuitive insight. It could jiggle your senses to help you open to a higher truth than you have yet to imagine. Can you visualize an entire society opening to their highest truth! Before you get on the phone to call me, remember that these are highly speculative, not to mention optimistic, concepts. Beyond speculation, it can be stated that increasing magnetic vibrations from the Sun are bombarding us this year.

The second major astrological event is the seven-planet alignment in Taurus on May 3rd. More will be written on this event in the next issue, but know that the earth is not going to fall over on its side. Taurus represents sensuality, stability, practical values, real estate, certain aspects of the monetary system, and earth movements. All of these issues have been in the news and will continue stay there.

The important thing for you right now is to decide what you are going to put your effort into. Not high "wouldn't it be nice" ideas, but projects you are truly willing to work at and stick with through thick and thin. So after you begin to visualize your great ideas, ask yourself if you are willing to put long-term, diligent effort into manifesting a new level of existence.

If not, go back to the drawing board. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and commit yourself to your goals, then apply your time, money, and energies to it during the first half of 2000. Keep in mind that Taurus works over a period of time, so practice patience, pragmatism, and self-discipline.

Look at your Sun sign and Ascendant below to get a hint about the meaning of Spring 2000 for you.

Aries: Put your efforts into stabilizing resources like money, real estate, and putting your core values into action.
Taurus: It's time for a change in self-image and identity. Potential career uncertainty and changes.
Gemini: Put effort into spiritual discipline, releasing addictive behavior, and behind the scenes understanding.
Cancer: Sort through friends and goals to see who and what needs to stay vs. time to move on.
Leo: Career and public image needs to be enhanced. Work hard and present an image of strength and reliability.
Virgo: Apply your highest philosophy to the world for pragmatic gains. Ideas need to work in the real world.
Libra: A good cycle to gain from other people's resources. Be open to receiving. Heal old wounds and debts.
Scorpio: It is time to let go of partnerships that don't work while creating relationship strategies that are productive.
Sagittarius: Roll up your sleeves and put your philosophy into practical application. Less talk; more humble action.
Capricorn: Practical creativity, children, romance, and fun with a purpose are the key to Spring.
Aquarius: Moves, changes, restlessness, and remodeling are all activities likely around home and family.
Pisces: Bring your ideas down to earth. Communicate your vision and put your ideas down on paper. Take a class.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer, specializing in spiritual purpose and relocation, since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association. For a free copy of his newsletter, ASTROMARK, contact him at (503) 252-1558 or visit his weekly Astrology Forecast at