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Prayer for A New Millennium

Infinite Spirit,

I call upon Your Power, Wisdom and Compassion...
The Power that calls the universe into form ~
The Wisdom that brings forth order and balance ~
The Compassion that establishes healing, justice
   and beloved community.
Make me aware of my own prejudices.
Shine a light upon any forms of violence,
in thought, word or deed,
in which I am engaging.
Grow in me the seeds of nonviolence.
Teach me in the ways of peacemaking.
Show me daily how I can do my part to fulfill humanity's dream
of peace on earth.
Through the growing practice of nonviolence,
I stand firm in my belief that it is truly possible for all people
to live in freedom, justice, and plenty.
I pray for Divine Direction.
I commit to do my part.
I know the future of our planet and all people
depend upon this great mission.


~~ Mary Manin Morrissey