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History of Rose Haven
A Community Intervention Center for Homeless Women

Rose Haven, a program of Catholic Charities, is a community intervention center for homeless women. The mission of Rose Haven is: To provide a safe environment, compassionate listening, practical assistance, options and resources to women on the streets of Portland. We value, respect and support each woman in her struggle to reclaim her life.

Rose Haven offers services and referrals for women including: a safe place for women to come together, a loving and compassionate staff, and volunteers who listen. There are shower and restroom facilities, laundry area, hygiene supplies, clothing, telephone access, opportunities to build self-esteem, arts and crafts, referrals and resources to fill basic needs, one-to-one and group counseling, and support groups to talk about spiritual healing.

Sr. Cathie Boerboom, RGS, Rose Haven Program manager, believes the creation of Rose Haven was nothing less than a spirit-led journey. Sr. Cathie and another Good Shepherd sister first began the Downtown Chapel Women's Program focusing on homeless women in Old Town/ Chinatown. In an effort to expand services, Sr. Cathie collaborated with Joan Van Almen, a MacDonald Center volunteer, and Genny Nelson from the Sisters of the Road Café to create a questionnaire for the women in Old Town/Chinatown. Results of the survey indicated that homeless women wanted safety and help in boosting their self-esteem. During the survey process, Sr. Cathy learned the Downtown Chapel funding would be cut, leaving the women of Old Town with limited services and support. Sr. Cathie enlisted the talents of Stephanie Banks, Rose Haven Advocate Counselor, and Rose Haven was founded as a program of Catholic Charities, a member of Catholic Charities, USA.

Rose Haven staff and volunteers assist women with referrals and connections to resources provided by other agencies/programs in Portland. These services include drug and alcohol rehabilitation, housing, job training, education and support.

Rose Haven is staffed with many talented teachers and volunteers to address the issues for which women have requested guidance and support. Services will expand as Rose Haven continues to bloom.

Rose Haven is located in Old Town Portland, at 116 N.W. Third Avenue, between Burnside and Couch, right next to the Portland Police Department's Central Precinct. "The Haven" is open from 9AM to noon, Monday through Friday. Call Petria at 503-248-6364 for volunteer information or to make donations.