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The Cosmic Dance of Matter and Being
by Miriam Knight

Miriam Knight

In my last article I promised to explore the question: "since the cell is also a receiver, who is sending it messages?" Well, the more I thought about the question, the more questions were raised in my mind, so the best I can do is share my speculations with you.

Have you ever wondered where we are in the universe? How did we come to be just here? If we create the universe through our thoughts and feelings, what happens to the rest of the universe each time we have a thought?

What is it that holds our physical being together? It must be more than electro-magnetic attraction. Is it thought...? Whose thought?

I can somehow comprehend that my energy or light body has created the skeleton or scaffold on which the matter in my physical body has organized itself, but who or what holds the photons in my light body in that particular configuration that is me?

In the hologrammatic universe am I a unique point, defined by the intersection of coordinates? If so, does my unique identity contribute to the definition and stability of every other point in the universe ­ like a carefully balanced pyramid of cards? The place I hold might be an essential part of the whole. Without it, the whole could be destabilized and the fabric at risk of collapsing.

As I move, think, evolve so must every other entity in creation ­ in order to accommodate each action of mine and vice versa. We are thus inextricably tied to each other in a kind of great cosmic dance.

But all our wise ones assure us that we have free will. Imagine each point in the universe darting off in random capricious directions. Is this not the definition of chaos? The opposite of chaos is order, harmony ... moving in the direction of congruency with the other elements and entities ... converting random Brownian motion to harmonious waveforms.

What is it that can bring about this shift from chaos? Perhaps it is resonance.

Imagine the Creator as the tuning fork of the universe, and all creation as a vast, noisy choir. At the beginning only those close to the tuning fork will hear the sound and take up the right key or vibration. Little by little these notes will propagate outwards and more and more forms will bring their vibrations into harmony.

As above, so below. As the universe orders itself into nebulae, galaxies, solar systems, stars and planets, so sentient beings organize themselves into kingdoms, phyla, class orders, families, genuses and species. Within the species there is further organization into civilizations, countries, races, religions, rulers, bureaucrats, workers, builders, farmers, artists, dreamers, teachers, servers, victims and heroes.

As above, so below. As more listen and take up the pure tones of the Creator, the harmony gets stronger and more beautiful. More will hear and add their voices. The harmonics permeate the very cells of the beings, and cause the DNA to resonate with the universal chorus. The light body rejoices as the physical is brought closer to itself in vibration and the veil between the two becomes more transparent. The wise ones call this concert love. How can you hear the song? Only be still and listen.

Miriam Knight is a member of the Community ConneXion staff and an energy therapist working in NW Portland. Her practice includes energy field analysis and rebalancing with resonating crystals, healing visualization and counseling for health and well-being. She can be contacted at 503-246-7300 or by e-mail to