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Business Network

Thursday, January 6th

REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. John Poling (503-810-8382) will host a discussion about real estate investment, development, remodeling and new construction. He has 40 years' experience in the Portland market. Learn about recent trends, tax tips, mortgage options and buy/sell/trade criteria. Bring your questions and ideas and join the panel discussion every first Thursday of every month.

Thursday, January 13th

BUSINESS and PROFESSIONALS for SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY by Miriam Knight (503-892-3300), editor of Community ConneXion and ConneXion Online. Miriam is a new addition to the Community ConneXion staff and is a recently relocated resident to Portland from England, where she was Executive Director of the Standing Conference of Public Health (organizations). She is an accomplished executive administrator.

Thursday, January 20th

THE ANSWER MAN. Yes, one of our favorite advisors, Don Robbens (503-297-2000), will be back to continue our Q&A sessions. He is a real estate, tax and securities expert. Don is developing a shopping cart approach to the internet and is currently offering a web page approach to investment advice. After 13 years in the Business Network, Don's Q&A is still one of our favorite programs.

Thursday, January 27th

MERCHANT BANKER and former ATTORNEY from England, Geoffrey Knight (503-246-7300) has set up Knightsbridge Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP here in Portland. Come brainstorm his ideas for setting up this new business and related web page and other marketing ideas. Geoffrey Knight is an outstanding businessman, and he is willing to share his years of business experience with us.

Thursday, February 3rd

REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. See January 6th for program information.

Thursday, February 10th

ASTROLOGY IN BUSINESS. A presentation and discussion with professional astrologist Carol-Roland from Carson City, Nevada ... now living in Portland (503-285-4842). In addition to preparing astrological charts and reports, she uses Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art form, to apply subtle energy readings to create a more balanced lifestyle and business environment.

Thursday, February 17th

BIOSPHERE ENHANCEMENT and its meaning to you and I, presented by member and former president, Dick Hartman (503-246-0750), regarding patented new use of 100-year-old natural fertilizer.

Thursday, February 24th

LAND PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT. Leonard Waldemar (503-654-4681), with over 20 years' experience as a home builder and on the Clackamas County Planning Commission, will lead a discussion on land use and the financing of the infrastructure and other land developmental improvements. Leonard is a member of Business Network. He owns and manages many single-family residential units in the Milwaukie area.

Thursday, March 2nd

REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. See January 6th for program information.

Thursday, March 9th

HEALTHIER BUILDINGS. Roslyn Hamilton, founder of Oregon Ecobuilding Network and Joanne Kraft, Vice President, Stockbroker, Blackwell Donaldson & Co., and National Network Director of Multi-Pure Corp. will present an overview of current green housing and mission of this new nonprofit organization (503-760-2092).