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Alternatives for a New Millennium
by F. Joseph Montagna

Alternatives for a New Millennium opens for business on January 3rd, aligning itself with a new millennium that promises to bring forth much growth and opportunity as it propels us all into a higher state of conscious awareness. Many of us are aware of the coming consciousness shift heralded by the upcoming astrological configurations. Uranus in square to Jupiter on May 5th 2000 signals a time of major social and economic change and a complete restructuring of values. Belief systems will be transformed. Those already open to a different study of truth from the one that has been indoctrinated throughout millennia, will now take a further leap in consciousness; those who have been on the sidelines, a little apprehensive about even a small step, will suddenly cast aside their fears, take a look outside themselves, and move into that higher state of beingness -- a major breakthrough!

It won't necessarily be easy, but a happening so stunningly and refreshingly transformative can never be described as a breeze. It's a hurricane that roars through the psyche, uprooting old trees of knowledge and shaking existing foundations in order to make way for the new. Although the transit of these planets will be somewhat uncomfortable, whatever the individual and collective process experiences, it will eventually prove a small price to pay for liberation.

With its primary focus as a bookstore and herbarium, Alternatives for a New Millennium will endeavor to provide you with many essential tools designed to help you achieve greater personal transformation and increased well-being in body, mind and soul. During the next six months, Alternatives will expand its specialized bookstore operation to include one of the largest selections in the Pacific Northwest, comprising over 30,000 books on the subjects of Metaphysics, Conscious Living and Health & Well-Being. We further intend to dedicate our forthcoming 35,000 item-strong database of books, herbal products, gemstone jewelry, and various sidelines to the purpose of serving the evolutionary transformational movement -- by fostering increased knowledge and greater learning capabilities, personal awakening, spiritual growth, and health and healing for ourselves and others. The varied array of products that you will discover at Alternatives for a New Millennium will further assist you and your family in manifesting healthy mind/body/spirit principles throughout your daily lives.

For our purposes, we define Metaphysics as comprising various studies and practices that utilize the subtle energies of the universe to guide us to a better understanding of the ultimate nature of reality and existence as a whole. The word "metaphysical" (beyond the physical) is defined as the science of essential principles, especially those that are more intangible or abstract. Enhancing the spiritual development of the human community is our primary concern when selecting the various metaphysical titles for inclusion in our inventory.

In addition, our Conscious Living books explore the practical application of metaphysical and spiritual values, knowledge, and experiences in our daily life, especially in relation to work, play, home and family, the environment, and the important social issues of our time. Furthermore, our Young Readers titles are specially selected so that you can feel confident that they will further teach or support Conscious Living, Wellness or Metaphysical principles. As adults on a healing path, it is imperative that we share our process of growth and discovery with the young ones in our lives. Plant a few of these books in your child's library, and watch the seedlings bloom!

Here at Alternatives for a New Millennium, we understand Wellness to be the practical care and repair of our physical selves through the use of holistic principles associated with the body/mind/ spirit connection, and through the body's own natural tendency towards greater health and well-being. From Aromatherapy to Women's Health titles, our diverse book selection and forthcoming depth of inventory will be supportive of today's accelerated interest in various alternative healing modalities.

Alternatives for a New Millennium also provides you with a state-of-the-art Herbal Pharmacy in order to meet your needs for more sophisticated herbal formulas and professional live-essence medicines, with over 360 formulations currently available. Furthermore, our Master Herbalist with over 30 years of experience is available for private consultations and specific recommendations to address your individual requirements or personal issues.

Our Herb Shop boasts the largest selection of fresh bulk herbs throughout the Pacific Northwest, with over 400 selections currently available in our store, with many others available through special order. The essential oils and incense we carry are the finest and freshest available, using only natural ingredients.

The Gemstone Jewelry selection at Alternatives for a New Millennium includes an extensive array of celtic, goddess and designer pieces in the form of pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and chains. Many of these items are sought out by us for their unique quality and healing essence.

A complete selection of items such as candles, tarot cards, games, water fountains, wind chimes, drums, visionary art greeting cards, and natural care products will also be made available to you over the next 6-8 months.

We welcome you and your family to come and visit us as we expand our line of products and services to benefit the community's journey into greater physical, mental/ emotional and spiritual awareness.

"Come give us wind for our sails...that you may sail with us into a greater millennium for all humanity!"

7909 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR. Phone: 503-253-BOOK.