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Active Kind Teens Nurturing Our World
by Karen Hanzlik, AKT NOW Coordinator

The Columbine High tragedy affected many of us and caused many people to think of ACKTING! After the incident at Columbine a non-profit group was started here in the Portland area. AKT NOW (Active Kind Teens Nurturing Our World), encourages and helps to set up Acts of Kindness Teams in schools at all grade levels. Teams are composed of concerned teens who are committed to these guiding principles:

  • Building Character
  • Changing Attitudes
  • Teens Making a Difference

Heavily publicized violence is a significant challenge in school environments in our country. We are joining together in order to make a difference. We are committed to spreading kindness within our families, among our circles of friends, in our schools and by reaching out to other schools. We choose to behave in a way that demonstrates that AKTs of Kindness are our way of life.

The mission of AKT NOW is to nurture our world through simple Acts of Kindness. AKT NOW is led by teams of teens who invite others to experience the joy of frequent AKTs of Kindness. One by one everyone everywhere will know there is someone who cares. AKT NOW's mission is to have teen in teams worldwide, changing the future of our world.

Some first steps to starting an AKT NOW Team:

  1. If you are a teen, get an adult to help you (parent or faculty member).
  2. Contact your school principal or activity director for permission to start an AKTs of Kindness Team.
  3. Share the start-up of the Team with everyone you know.
  4. Meet as often as you decide to (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  5. Discuss kindness activities and ways to get the word out in your school.
  6. Do AKTs of Kindness!
  7. Share your results and let it grow.

AKT NOW Teams usually meet once a week in the sponsoring school to plan individual and group Acts of Kindness. Once a month, team leaders from all the participating schools get together and share ideas. For more information or to start an ACK NOW Team, call 503 HELP or view the AKT NOW webpage at AKT NOW's mailing address is 9220 SW Barbur Blvd. #119-169, Portland OR 97219. The Email address is: WeAktnow@