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Martha Martyn
Practical Spirituality
Prescott, AZ


Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Martha Martyn. Working with individuals, couples, families, and/or business, I offer a simple, unique, and powerful form of consulting, which I call Practical Spirituality. Essentially, through the very basics of astrology and numerology, I use my intuitive and visionary abilities to access the energy field of my client(s). The goal is self-understanding, making sense of the myriad of emotions, feelings, questions, confusion, and concerns that seem to be the driving forces or stumbling blocks to self-acceptance, inner peace, creating harmonious relationships, and simply making life work. Once there is clarity, it is so much easier to make the shifts necessary to get on track.

Understanding the theme each personal year entails helps maintain a positive and easier flow. Simple techniques or tools often facilitate the process. Sometimes changing the spelling of a name either personally or professionally will allow more ease and success.

It's all individual, and it's all about putting the pieces of your puzzle together.

How often have we heard that truth is simple? So is Practical Spirituality! I have seen miracles happen and people's lives change, but it all depends upon sincere desire and use of the information. It truly is a gift from Spirit.

One interactive session (in person or on the telephone) is all that is necessary to obtain a wealth of information. Taping allows you to absorb at your own pace. Some people later find it helpful to have an additional session or two to help integrate the information. However, Practical Spirituality is really about teaching YOU how to fish!

It would be my genuine pleasure and honor to assist in your journey towards wholeness and joy. I look forward to hearing from you!

Warm blessings,
Martha Martyn


"I have visited with Martha many times over the past few years, and I have always been impressed with her ability to access spiritual information and to magically transform the data into a well-organized and truthful assessment of what is going on in my life. Her readings are nothing short of profound, detailed, and amazingly accurate. I love her combination of numerology, astrology, and direct information from spirit. After a session with Martha, I have so much more information to work with that I hadn't even thought about before. Knowing how astrological energies are impacting events in my life and understanding what year I am in with numerology has helped me process and transition through relationship issues, career/work challenges, and much more. Martha's balanced approach of spiritual analysis creates the most grounded and complete spiritual readings I have encountered. I have learned so much from her that I apply in my life on a regular basis. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for some clarity about any important life issue that may need some new insight or tools for navigating with ease, joy, and grace. She is a great communicator, listener, and personal friend!" GARY JAMES

"I received so many gifts the day of my reading and beyond that it is difficult to express my deep gratitude and love for Martha and her direct connection with Spirit. My day with her began before I arrived with my loving angels and guides speaking to her about me. Two beautiful letters were scripted and gifted to me from their messages. Then beyond the amazingly focused in-person reading with her that included focused work for me to do, such as getting clearer about my vision for my practice and accepting my many gifts, Martha recorded my session and sent me the astrological and Human Design reports for later review. My session helped me make the life changes and perspectives I needed to optimize my healing gifts. After this initial connection, Martha helped me redesign my Reiki practice office, opening the healing energy of my space through her expert guidance. She is the loving, Spirit-connected source...a true Anam Cara (soul friend) that I needed! Thank you, Martha!" Lynne, Reiki Practitioner, Santa Fe, NM

"I met Martha when she walked into my office one day in 2008. I had just gone through two major transitions in my life - a career change and divorce. I felt an instant rapport with her, and it occurred to me later that it was as if time stood still, or was stretched, for the hour's time we talked that day. Since 2010 our relationship has become more 'long distance,' but distance (or time?) has no affect on the connection that is there. Martha has an innate ability to capture what I think of as puzzle pieces she gets from me, and then she fits them together in a way that enables me to see myself from a new viewpoint. I can immediately 'try on' that new viewpoint and live naturally and easily from it. Martha has strong empathy for, and sensitivity to, people and to her surroundings; yet is very forthright, real, and accessible. I have the deepest appreciation and respect for her professionalism, integrity, humor, and the vast knowledge and experience that she brings to any interaction." Sherie Star, Real Estate Broker, Portland, OR

"I've had...and given...more readings in my life than I can count...and I can honestly say that Martha's ability to laser right into the truth is astonishing. With my second Saturn return, my life had gone topsy turvy. I was recovering from serious illness when we reconnected but was still depressed, uncertain about my life's journey from here on, and feeling lost. Martha and I had known each other in Sedona but had lost contact...both of us had made several moves. When we found each other again, it was a sweet though we'd never been apart...and an added gift for me was that she had honed her clairvoyant skills to lightworker laser focus, and I was about to be the recipient of a powerful and uniquely useful session with her. Her imageries of my then current state were poignantly accurate, her insights and suggestions unconstrained and clearly of Spirit. The first thing I did was to change my last name to better fit who I am, and now I can again string words and sentences together in a cohesive way. I will be forever grateful to Martha for her love, her generosity of spirit, her powerful gift, and for her unwavering encouragement and support. I was in a very deep, dark well, and she gave me the tools to build a ladder to climb up and live again. I'm still climbing, and I listen to the tapes she sent me and read the written materials frequently to keep me on course. I remind myself to be gentle with myself...I can hear her voice telling me that this is a year of going inward, a time to get to know myself, to rest, and to get my bearings for my new life ahead. Dear Martha, thank you from the bottom of my heart." Pauqel Incari, Corvallis, OR

"Over the years I have read hundreds of spirituality, self-help, and self-improvement books as well as attended workshops and lectures by gifted spiritual counselors, psychics, and teachers. All have provided significant insights, but nothing like one session with Martha. Her 'practical spirituality' really spoke to me at the deepest level. I was in probably the most painful period of growth (death and divorce, nearly simultaneously) in my life. I was desperately seeking a lifeline, and Martha provided all that and more. I now have a much more thorough understanding not only of myself, my life path, and my strengths and lessons, but also those of my family and relationships. I feel so blessed to have spent time with Martha and am grateful for her loving gifts. Whatever it is you are seeking, she can help you find clarity in many, many ways." BW, Vancouver, WA

"Martha's reading turned my life around! Of course, I realize I was subconsciously ready for a life's change, but Martha made sure it happened now. What a gift! Her deep commitment to service was so apparent as she listened and gave me information that was amazingly accurate. It was evident that she had done her homework and spent much time preparing for my reading. The facts, insights and suggestions were so practical...and they worked almost immediately!" Nancy Powell, Palm Springs, CA

"Meeting Martha Martyn when I did was a true blessing. I was at a way station in my life (in a limbo state of sorts) and was grappling with some major issues about how best to proceed from here. Martha is a woman with extraordinary gifts, and she certainly brought them to bear on my situation. Without having much information from me at all, she was able to understand - and explain to me - the various issues I was facing and the reasons they had come into my life, and then offer guidance and specific suggestions about an appropriate direction to fulfill my life's mission. The perspective I gained from working with Martha has made a huge difference in the way I am approaching the transition to the next stage of my life, and I am enormously grateful for her help and friendship." JA, Portland, OR

"I found my reading with you immensely helpful. It is a lot of information, which will probably take a little while to completely sink in. So many things that came up made so much sense. In many ways it was as if pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and things that I intuitively knew must be there were confirmed. This reading took me from a state of being very sad and lost to a strong feeling of empowerment and purpose. You are a true lightworker! This reading came as a powerful answer to a mental cry for help to my angels and guides. Thank you so much!" Annike, Stamford, CT

"You are truly gifted. Your thorough and extensive reading helped answer many questions in my heart. Before, I felt a bit fragile and unsure. Now I have more clarity and peace. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am blessed to have you in my life." Julie Tan, RDH, Portland, OR

"Martha Martyn tells it like it is. She is penetratingly accurate, dynamic in her delivery, and is a master at cutting through illusion to reveal the truth of what is really going on. Her insight is visionary, compassionate, and illuminating personally and professionally." Robert Brady, M.A.

"Martha is a remarkable guide. She helped me discover so much about my life and career from the past, present and future. She's passionate, knowledgeable, organized and thorough. She helped me in ways I never dreamed of, and I highly recommend her for the true professional she is." Marie Kelley, OR

"Martha has a very supportive and professional approach to her work. I found the consultation with her to be especially helpful. I was dealing with some difficult issues at the time, and the information I gained helped me to handle them in a more effective manner. She also helped me clarify and expand my professional goals and gave me specific directions on how to proceed. I would highly recommend Martha's services to anyone looking for this type of guidance. It was an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience." Sherry Kilpatrick, Portland, OR

"I remember the first time I saw Martha. It was at a workshop; we were learning how to develop one's clairvoyant senses. I recall her presence to be focused, articulate, and self-possessed. A month later I was invited to a small gathering of friends at another event where she was also invited. We had dinner and that was my moment of destiny, so to speak. Martha's strong intuitive sensibilities hit their mark when she called me the next day and spoke about how I could better use my energy that was being held underground by the vibration of my current name. The session with her was incredible and I still sit down with the cassette tape from time to time and listen to the imagery she used to describe my soul. She gave me such a gift when she suggested that by changing the spelling of my name I could shift my whole life focus. A year later her words still ring true. Her clear sight gave me encouragement to evolve and be present. The change has positively influenced my work as a feng shui consultant. All the elements were there waiting to coalesce; it just took her compassion and willingness to show me how to make the dream of my essence a reality. I highly recommend an intuitive session with Martha. You will be astounded by what you receive." Bette Steflik, Shen Men Feng Shui, Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher and Author, Member International Feng Shui Guild since 1999, Portland, OR

"My session with Martha was just what I needed to make the positive changes in my life that I had so longed for. With her encouragement and inspiration, I took the leap of faith that I had wanted to take for so long. Martha also follows up on your progress, which to me makes all the difference in the world, and also nurtures you in the process...Again...Thank You, Martha!!!" JM, Prescott, AZ