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Philippo Franchini
The Musical Alchemist

Blog: Between the Notes

I believe that every major shift in social consciousness has been accompanied by a change in music — and this is happening again now! Music from all parts of the world has been blending together powerfully for over two decades. On any radio dial or online music source, one can hear African, South American, Asian, Arabic, Native American music, and more. Our current pop music is being infused with many elements borrowed from a variety of other cultures. And now that social media has exploded all over the globe, our choices — along with our newfound connection to each other — will allow for a more profound global impact.

One of the new currents of music sweeping the globe is a yogic, meditative blend called “Kirtan.” Kirtan, originally from India, utilizes Sanskrit mantras and chants to heighten awareness and open the mind to meditative states, just as shamanic rituals from many ancient cultures do. And with these kind of creative rebirths, I see music reclaiming its original place not only as entertainment, but as a transformative and healing force that can help to balance us, nourish our spirits and communities, and serve as a unique doorway into sublime realms!

We are all vibrational beings, and we live in a vibrational Universe (or Uni-verse, if you will). We are all literally “composed” of multidimensional vibratory patterns, meaning our breathing, circulation, brainwaves and internal organs all have rhythms, pulses, and tones! Our thoughts and emotions can also be understood as frequencies. And the more self-aware we become, the more we have the ability to regulate and tune our individual frequencies to enjoy the kinds of experiences we choose — and we can do this by using sonic self-attunement and choosing music that nurtures and supports our most-essential vibrational make up. I like to call this process “Musical Alchemy.”

Please join me, Philippo, the Musical Alchemist, once a month, for the lighter side of enlightenment as we romp around the mystical space I’ve come to call “Between the Notes.” I am a composer, musician, and yogi, which means I study, investigate, and apply the natural laws of vibration to integrate and transform discordant, heavy vibrations into more harmonious and joyful ones.

I will be introducing you to some of the amazing properties of sound and cosmic vibration, including the ancient wisdom of Nada Yoga, as well as some intriguing, recent scientific research. Did you know that we can actually use music and sound every day to change our moods, give us energy, calm us down, or tune out things we don’t like? In this blog and the accompanying videos, I’ll explain how to do this more creatively and with a better understanding of the natural laws involved.

This will be our own mystical journey, so please tune in every month here on The Edge for “Between the Notes.”

Copyright © 2011 Philippo Franchini. All Rights Reserved.

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